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2002 Hyundai Accent (9 Reviews)
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this is a great car for your money .It gets you where you want to go and then some.
I paid $2500 for my 2002 Hyundai with 78,000+ miles six years ago. I have put very little into repairs, serpentine belt, check engine light, tires, and it still runs like a champ. In town mileage is not so great, especially running the a/c (in AZ), but the day I bought it and drove it 600 miles home, I got 42 mpg! This is absolutely the best $2500 I've ever spent and it only has 110K miles on it now. Oil changes have been managed at least once a year, and otherwise, little maintenance done except washing and cleaning. Great car in my opinion and it's paid for! Registration and insurance is a piece of cake too.
I bought my 2002 Accent GL 1.6 DOHC A/T and have had no real problems until the speed sensors and pulse generators have gone out. I have replaced them several different times and still every 1- 1/2 to 2 years the problem occurs again. Even now I have to make an appointment to fix them again. Basically the car doesn't want to shift right. The first time it happened was driving 65 miles an hour and had a huge clunking noise--now it is not wanting to shift out of 1st gear or shift at all. The rpms go up but it doesn't shift. I started having problems more when I turned on A/C 4 to 5 years ago. The mechanics have told me I could replace the computer or electrical harness but not sure if it would fix my cars problems. It is easier and cheaper to just repair sensors, could they be shorting out of something else? Anyone else having problems like this? The only other problem I have had is that the radio/cd player has shorted out-I get error codes Err 01 or Err 02, still works unless you hit a bump and it switches between radio and cd player. Mileage was very good highway but city driving sucked.
i nave no reverse and wish they have a recall. its a known problem that they wont fix at all
Bought 2002 1.5 liter Accent new in fall of 2001. Now have 207,000 miles on it. Have replaced only tires, cylinder on hydraulic clutch ($30) and all four wheel bearings (done myself because I have driven it several times for many many miles on rutty old dirt and gravel roads) Also replaced rusted out exhaust. I don't love the car, but it has served me very very well. Still original brakes, clutch etc. Shift linkage has never been quite right from the beginning. (hard to downshift into 2nd and rolling shift down into 1st is very hard) Overall I could not have asked for a better cheap utilitarian vehicle. I just developed the classic fuel fill-up problem which I now have to look into. (service station fuel pump stops repeatedly due to some blockage in the fuel tank's emission control system)(Charcoal cannister or related hardware) Overall I have had a very good Hyundai experience based on economy.
not to bad just dont get one with salvage title!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really haven't had a major problem with my accent. The in city rating sucks but when driving on the interstate I had much better mileage.
this car its just a waste of money
Excellent car!
Great MPG!
Gets you where you’re going at an affordable price. I’ve had very few problems.
If you need a 25K dollar car…buy one. If you need a ride to work, pick up a Hyundai.