2007 Honda Ridgeline Reviews and Owner Comments

2007 Honda Ridgeline owners review and rate their 2007 Honda Ridgeline.

2007 Honda Ridgeline (5 Reviews)
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2007 Honda Ridgeline - 201,000 miles on it. Except for routine maintenance and always Mobile 1 the only issues were a rear wheel bearing went on it. 2 sets of timing belts and water pump ..etc . Great vehicle overall. Have traversed all over the country and towed and never missed a beat. Might look a little ugly but Honda built this right.
Have 161,000 miles on this truck and love it. Has as much interior space as my Ford 150 super crew but no where near the truck bed space (nor maintenance costs) - Added an ARE cap and it looks more like a SUV than a pick up - and that worked out great! Particularly with the trunk for secure storage of tools and computers.

I use the truck for business which explains the mileage. In normal travel almost always get 20 miles per gallon even at road speed of 75 +/-. When I slow down a bit get 22-23 MPG.

Only maintenance issues so far were brakes at 80,000 miles about to need them again (probably more me and Atlanta traffic than truck).

Tires lasted 85,000 miles each set so will do Michelins for the thrid time when I need them!

Traction in snow has been exceptional even in rare occurances here in Georgia.

Would be interested in any maintenance items that this truck might experience when it gets older - at this rate expect to have it well over 250,000 miles.
this truck has everything. I love this truck and so does everyone that drives it. love the trunk in the back. sucky gas mileage, but it is a truck. nav sys is ok.
good MPG and nice looking.
Did not see lots in 07 but I see lots of Ridgelines in the city now..
Awesome - at first. I thought the mileage would be a bit better. If you haul ANYTHING, kiss the average mileage goodbye. I could have a V-8 and get better mileage because the power-train wouldn't have to work so hard. Just SAY the word hill and the thing drops two gears. 33k and the rear brakes are gone, but only because the caliper pins froze up. Outside pads gone, inside pads almost new. I only haul occasionally and keep it in an insulated garage every night. I take the best care of every vehicle I own and am very disappointed with this vehicle. I'm going back to Ford, no question. Honda blew it with this one...