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2006 Honda Ridgeline (17 Reviews)
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I have 170,000 miles on my 2006 Ridgeline. Only two minor recalls and no major repairs to date. Drove the first timing belt to 135,000 miles. The water pump was leaking but the belt looked good. Just now having some suspension work, new shocks and anti-sway clips replaced. Overall very, very happy with this truck. Runs smooth and quiet even today. Most friends want to buy one after riding in it. Love the driver's seat adjustments.
Great Truck. Just turned 475500km on my 2006. I took the risk to do the TB at 160000km and it is going in for its 3rd one tomorrow. It has it's original exhaust and emissions equipment. The engine is still strong and the transmission has never skipped a beat.
Other than a few minor interior dash lighting issues this vehicle has never let me down. Just do the maintenance as required with the exception of the timing belt and your good.
2006 Honda Ridgeline
Bought new in 2006 and just passed 245,000. Other than routine maintenance no major problems. Shooting for 300,000. Great truck and well worth the money at the time.
I have an 2006 Ridgeline with 170000 on it and still going strong even though I used the truck while building my house and did things with it that I probably should not have done. (pulling / hauling ect) The only issue I have had is the light on the heater control went out at 32000. Do the property maintenance and all will be good in your world.
Bought the Ridgeline new in 2006 and now have 206000 on it. I have followed Honda's recommendations on service and maintenance. It has never broken down on me. Mileage is not as good as I hoped. 17 around town and 19 to 20 on the highway. Replaced the timing belt at 105000 and will do again at 210000. Put 95000 miles on each set of Michelin tires. Only problem is the thermostat control has never worked just right, it works but sometimes takes a while to get it to where I want it, and I have put 3 sets of brakes on it . It drives as good today as the day I bought it. Great truck.
2006 Ridgeline has 102,000 miles on it, having to replace the timing belt and water pump; got Honda replacement parts on EBAY for $210 cheaper than at dealer. I have a local shop that charges 40% less for labor. I recommend everyone doing this service as you approach 105,000 miles. Great truck. I put a cold air intake on some 4 years ago and gas mileage has increased by 3 miles per gallon on city/highway; horsepower also increased by 20. Had trans cooler line to come loose from radiator; had to replace radiator at a cost of $700.
My Ridgeline continues to cost $$$,First at 50,000 miles the rack and pinion went out Hondas paid half.Both back seats levers broke with 1 week of each other.On the 100,000 miles service the cost was about $1000.00.Now my air conditoner condensation line broke at firewall and guess how much to fix? Oh yes the 2011 storm did over $3000.00 damage to the right side of truck,just guess I am lucky that I traded my Toyota truck for the Honda
I love my 2006 Ridgeline. Approximately 128,000 miles and still looks and drives great. However, I am starting to notice an issue with the transmission "catching" at 40 mph. Haven't had the issue checked yet, but hope it's nothing major.
This is the perfect truck for me; my husband agrees. :-)
Guys moved to jamaica and been driving my Ridgeline for three years no probs ..two weeks ago a woman jumped the median flipped and nailed me in the front and left side. Then destroyed a tercel. Any other vehicle and i would have been a goner.
Hats off to Honda you saved my life.
Thanks would buy another in a heartbeat.
great truck, I have 126,000 on mine got it in July 05 I got 90,000 tires and brakes, axle seal just rotted on me though
unique truck but under powered with crappy mileage for its size. With that said... it drives like the accord and has some cool features that make it worth a look. the small bed is an issue sometimes but I have always found a way to haul whatever it was.
I got my 2006 on March 2, 2005 and now have 101,700 miles on it. I've had no major problems, since I've had it. I just replaced my Michelin tires with 98, 800 miles and would highly recommend these tires. The only issue I had was minor (replaced the seat at 36,000 miles, as it was wearing and shouldn't have been) and Honda took care of it through warranty.
ALL I can say about this vehilce is it seems to be bulletproof, I put mine through some pretty nasty tests, never asked for a like in return.
This honda unlike others owned in the past is a great deal all the way arround truck that drives like a car a car that sits high up for driving and site. It is also great in the snow and sand. Every one should own one, rent, or buy and become a happy honda owner!!!!!
I got my Ridgeline in Jul '05, have 94500 miles with no problems. took a 5400 mile trip second year I had it and it ran like a charm. I wish they could squeeze more milage out of the V-6 or more power. Have had it at 95 and no problems.
I bought this vehicle in March of 05. It was listed as an 06. This is an awesome Hybrid truck/car. Rides like a dream, lots of towing power, cruises at 80 all day. I've got 90k on it and she's running strong like the day I bought it. Just replaced the rotors and pads after 5 years! The engine hasn't had any work other than normal service and oil changes. The only issue I have is two dash bulbs have blown out ( that's why I gave it a 4 star interior. I've also carried 1100 lbs in bed and have towed over a ton on several occasions! You don't even notice it! Highly recommend this truck.
Great truck.No problems in 53K miles. Very satisfied.