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2004 Honda Pilot (8 Reviews)
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I am the original owner of my 2004 pilot and just went over 104,000.00 miles and cannot complain as the car is reaching 10 years old now. Low mainteanance and have been to the snow, hot sun, beaches, camping etc. great family car and would definately buy another one.
I am the original owner and my car just turned over 120,000. This is a car that is driven hard! Sun, sand, snow and mud. It has performed nicely but I have replaced brakes twice and air conditioning went out. I had replaced but makes a crazy sound when on full blast. I really have enjoyed this car and it has taken a beating from family vacations, daily work and school grind as well as many work trips. Would buy again...
We bought our 2004 Honda Pilot in 2010. The rotors were 'juddery' when we test drove it but the dealer we bought from turned the rotors for us at no extra charge that very same day and we drove away happy. I have to say that this has been an absolutely brilliant motor vehicle. Its as smooth as smoth as can be and easily outranks its nearest rivals like the Toyota Highlander. Has fantastic acceleration from standstill and for a V6 engine pulling the weight that it does is just superb! It's now done 102k miles and still drives like new. Smells like new every time we get in it as well. It's pretty responsive and very comfortable to drive. Ok so it's not great on sharp corners at any great speed but this is an SUV not a sports coupe we are talking about. Mechanically it has been great, starts first time every time even when we've been away for a few weeks. Runs quiet and gives a great ride. I have no problem whatsoever with it and would most definately buy another one. Top marks Honda!
We bought our 04 pilot new and for the most part have been happy. milage isn't the greatest...thought it would be better, the brakes-rotors and all the shimmey when you apply the brakes is annoying...dealership blames driving habits- WHATEVER! i wish someone could figure out the problem and correct it...seems like we're paying too much for the ongoing problem since my wife only drives it in town mostly.
My wife purchased this Pilot new in 2004. The only mechanical problem we had is the brakes went out in 40k. Dealer says normal. Otherwise, my only complaint is lousy gas mileage (14-20). We bought the Pilot because it was rated better in gas mileage than comparable vehicles and our GM and Ford friends get the same or better. Of course, we have a Honda which I hope will outlast their vehicles.
I have an 04' Pilot, that I bought for my wife to drive, and I love the low maintenance features.
I am the original owner of my 2004 Honda Pilot with just over 107K miles. My car is now experiencing the common vibration problem that comes from the rear differential. The service bulletins say that a fluid change should take care of this. I hope this is true. An annoying problem that I have are the lights on the control console. About 5 of them are now out, this shouldn't happen. I was told that the entire console would need to be replaced to change lights. No way. Also, front suspension is now making noise....
Reliable car. Would probably buy again.