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2003 Honda Pilot (7 Reviews)
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I have had my Honda for over 3 years it is a great car with regular maintenance. The electrical is bad though, this is the third time a different door does not unlock and one of my windows went out. The speakers make a buzzing sound,but I like loud music so that was my fault. When I am driving on occasions my "D' light flashes (I dont know what that means)and my car has developed a loud knocking sound due to the motor mounts, the Airbag light is always on- that was a recall though. Other than that the car is a great family car it run smoothly and good on gas. I would definitely buy a pilot if i didnt have one.!!
I bought my 2003 EXL with 95K on it. I have had to replace almost every suspension part including ball joints. All that being said it drives and operates nicely in the winter. There is a severe vibration noise coming from the rear of the vehicle that sounds like going over bump strips. It actually slows the vehicle down. Maybe differential clutches or ?? Any thoughts?
I've owned (2) 2003 Honda Pilots. Bought first Pilot EX-L in late 2002. I had it until it was totaled by a kid running a red light in July 2010. (154K miles). Very reliable vehicle. I had no major repairs that weren't part of regular maintenance. With the insurance money + $1500, i was able to purchase a 2003 Pilot EX in August 2010 (96K miles). Previous owner maintained vehicle better than I did mine. I've put 23K miles on it; no problems, reliable as expected.
If you are able to pay for the regular maintenance schedule (15K), the Pilot should last for years after it has been paid for.
I have a 2003 pilot when the ignition is on and in park the P as in park light will come on as uaual but now the D as in drive light will come on as well when put into amy gear the light will go off. Is this a major problem.
I got my '03 in July of '02. It now has 204k and all I do to maintain it is change the oil regularly. I switched to full synthetic oil long time ago. But through the years, I also,changed brake pads 4x, changed tires 2x, changed battery and timing belt once. It is a very good car.
Love it! Took it on a ski trip this winter during the biggest blizzard in a century and it was kicking ass all the way through the mountains. The house was at the bottom of a fairly steep driveway, no problems going through 8 to 12 inches of snow. Drives great, just reg. maintenance. Wish it got a better gas mileage but it's '03 after all.
GREAT Vehicle and THE best car I have ever owned. Currently have over 190k miles on a 2003 Pilot. The only complaint is that the entertainment system has devloped an annoying buzzing sound and the plastic shrouding surrouding the driver's seat broke.