1998 Honda Passport Reviews and Owner Comments

1998 Honda Passport owners review and rate their 1998 Honda Passport.

1998 Honda Passport (3 Reviews)
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Pros :

Good-looking vehicle. Very quick for an SUV. The 24 valve DOHC V6 is a great motor - never any trouble in 180K. Handles pretty well for an SUV, too. 4WD is easy and effective. ABS 4-wheel-disc brakes work well.


Has a bit of a noisy ride. Body parts (especially the door skins) are made from paper-thin metal. (every one I've ever seen has a hundred dings) Hood hinges rattle.

I love my Passport. Warts and all.
i have 98 honda passport it was working just fine when you turn on the ignition everything turns on but the passport my man put a wire under where the passenger side and put a turn on switch can you help me with this problem
98 Honda Passport LX great value. Now has just under 300,000 miles and I never provided regular maintenance so I definitely got my money's worth. AC went out few years ago (did not fix b/c cost was almost as much as the value of the vehicle) and have replaced alternator twice over its lifetime. Now, ts leaking oil pretty bad from underneath the timing cover and trying to decide if further repairs are worth it.