1994 Honda Passport Reviews and Owner Comments

1994 Honda Passport owners review and rate their 1994 Honda Passport.

1994 Honda Passport (3 Reviews)
Body, Interior & Misc.
Drive Train
Electrical & Lights
Exhaust & Emissions
Heating & Air Conditioning
Suspension & Steering
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I have my Honda Passport since 1994,never had a problem with my car,but now, I loosing presser on my manual transmission,it leaks oil,what can it be,and how can I fix it
94' Passport bought 3 yrs ago as my first car. It had 130k miles on it then and now its at 150k. Since I bought it, its needed new exhaust, alternator, thermostat, and recently a $300 fuel pump since everything underneath rusted away and leaked gas. Before I bought it, somebody stole the Cat Converter. I love this truck, but it's starting to suck up all my cash :(
I have owned this 1994 Passport since new. This Passport has been an excellent vehicle.
1. Body, Interior & Misc.
a. Interior does not have cup holders.
b. Interior todate is original and like
new. Very little wear.
c. Luggage rack. The luggage rack could
be a little stronger with longer
primary slide rails.
2. Brakes
a. Brakes are strong. Smooth braking.
3. Drive Train
a. Well balanced. Smooth.
b. Transmission. I am on my 2nd
transmission due to a Honda Service
Center not refilling after service.
Other than this issue. No problems.
4. Electrical & Lights
a. Reliable and easy to locate a loose
ground wire.
b. I have replaced two alternators.
5. Engine
a. Original engine is going strong,
occasionally I get a little tapping
valve noise but it doesn't stay.
I have the original engine, it's never
been overhauled. It does not burn oil
and the engine does not leak any
6. Exhaust & Emissions
a. The exhaust has been replaced one time
from the convertor back. No problems
with emissions.
7. Heating & Air Conditioning
a. Heater core was replaced in 2007.
Always great heat when needed.
b. Air Conditioning
System was totally replaced in 2006.
A/C in 2008 was not consistantly
blowing cold air. Shop found the power
relay sending signal to compressor was
weak. Replaced relay, A/C now blows
cold air when selected.
8. Suspension & Steering
a. Suspension is original. Performing Honda recommended regular maintence the suspension is flawless.
b. Steering. The HYD steering was rebuilt
in 2006. Like new again, works perfect.
No leaks.

I'm very diligent about having the Passport serviced regularly. Per the maintence schedule published by Honda. I know this Passport is labeled as a Rodeo, but believe me it is NOT entirely a Rodeo. The Passport rides much better and smoother than the Rodeo. My Passport will exceed 250,000 miles in 2009. I'm looking forward to driving it 500,000 miles plus. I would recommend the Honda Passport to anyone looking for a good ride and reliable performance. To maintain my Passport in a like new condition, I spend on average $1,500.00 annually. This includes tires, wipers, etc. The vehicle looks great, it's safe, and reliable. Keeping in mind this year vehicle has solid chrome steel bumpers, built to last. I've been hit by two other cars, they both had major damage while the Honda barely showed a scratch.