2010 Honda Odyssey Reviews and Owner Comments

2010 Honda Odyssey owners review and rate their 2010 Honda Odyssey.

2010 Honda Odyssey (2 Reviews)
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This is my first odyssey but I have had 3 other Honda cars. I like everything about my odyssey except the second roll seats need to be taken out in order to hall large items such as 4x8 plywood etc. I know this is not a truck but other vans have seats that fold into the floor for more room. I have 38000 on my Honda and it has served me well.
my first odyssey that i had.never passenger side window had a bent rod ,unable to bring it up to close unless i push it up.brought it to the honda dealer took 4 days to get it fixed.took the car home 1/2 hr away.this time the door could,nt be opened from the outside,back to the honda dealer.turn out the mechanic forgot to attach a cable to the door switch.i made 3 trips back and froth 1/2 hr each way times 2 for my wife had to follow me because i had to leave the car there.initially i cursed this car out,i thought that i had a wife let her frustration out on the salesperson to be compesated of all the trip back and forth time and gas.they were going to me a free tank of gas.never i said this was a bad experience .within ayear or so i'm going back to a toyatta.