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2008 Honda Odyssey (2 Reviews)
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I have had my Odyssey since 2008 and have driven over 100,000. It has been a good car overall but now it is starting to have some problems. First of all, My Nanny crashed the car. Minor accident from stationary at a light and she did $7000 worth of damage and the front was destroyed. That's very concerning that the bodywork is like paper. I am concerned how this would hold up under a real impact.
Secondly I have the issue with the brake judder when breaking. It's annoying but at least my breaks haven't tried to stop by themselves...... yet.
I have had issues with the air conditioning since last summer when the car overheated out of the blue. It was stationary running in my driveway and all of a sudden it just overheated. The AC has been funny since.
On top of weird AC, the electrical system seems to be breaking down. My central panel keeps overheating, switching off my navigation system/entertainment and a couple of weeks ago I had a leak through my ceiling where the water just literally Poured into the car. No windows open at the time of the leak. The leak seems to have destroyed more parts of my electrical system, the sliding doors no longer work, the indicators and temperature gauge to name a few things are not working. We left it to dry for a couple of days and now the car wont start at all. It appears that a cell in my replaced battery is not functioning. This car is becoming a money pit now and it's not that old!!...... It's very worrying. Also, I'm now terrified of fire. I have heard arcing in my dash for a while, and now I realize that the doors won't open when the electrical system screws up. I am actually wondering how on earth I would get my toddler out of the car in the case of fire. Think we might be a bit screwed there...... I don't think I would buy this car again......
Great vehicle with comfort and functionality for a family. Drives wonderfully.