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2000 Honda Odyssey (8 Reviews)
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I love my 2000 Honda odyssey. It has 292,754 miles and still running. Only have one issue and it's with the dash lights staying on followed by total loss of power. Hoping it's just the alternator. My odyssey has been a life saver and for it being 16 years old with high mileage and only having this one issue IM SOLD ON THE HONDA ODYSSEY!! My family wont own any other mini van.
I bought 2000 Odyssey brand new and I am totally satisfied. Got oil changes every 3-5 thousand miles and transmission oil changes every 15000 thousand miles on an average. I think the book suggests every 30000 miles. I was worried about transmissions going bad and so I got frequent transmission oils changed. Transmission is just fine even at 147000 miles. I have not change the Timing belt yet and book suggests I do at 105000. I know I am taking a risk and I will get it done soon and shopping around.
In electrical system, the LED lights behind the clock, and other places blew out. Very hard to replace so I just got used to without having them.
I always put Sams club gas. So the oxygen sensor and catalytic converter light came on which is no big deal, I think.
I used my odyssey for long trips, as a work horse truck hauling sofas, and once I hauled load of granite stones and I know that was foolish of me. AC is fine and I have not filled any freon.
Other than that tires, brakes, and regular maintenance. Hoping to get at least 200000, TouchWood.
It is not just a van but a light truck.
From the day we bought this car in 2002 the doors didn't work right. To this day the doors stutter and fail to close half the time. The clock light never worked, either. The car seems to have lots of very expensive to fix flaws. Very unhappy with the van.
This car is the workhorse vehicle for the family. It's hauled kids, dogs, camping gear and pulled a U-Haul trailer from Oregon to Texas. We acquired our 2000 Odyssey in 2002 used with 35,000 miles. All in all it has been a great vehicle for us. The car is now 10 years old and we have driven it from Oregon to Texas and back 3 times now. Most of the repairs have been minimal and for things that have worn out due to age. The only thing that failed us was the transmission at about 98,000. We found out there was a class action lawsuit filed against Honda becuase the transmissions were failing in our model year betweem 96,000 and 102,000 miles. Sure enough, the transmission started to fail and we were lucky to have it happen in right in the middle of the 96K to 102K miles. Our Honda dealer in Beaverton, Oregon replaced the transmission at no cost except for the labor. I had to write a letter to Honda in order to be reimbursed for the labor portion of the repair. Last summer (2009) on our migration back to Oregon from Texas, we lost the air conditioning and the engine started to over heat in 90+ deg. weather. We made it to Colorado Springs with the heater running full on to keep the engine from overheating. The local Honda Dealership in Colorado Springs replaced the thermostat and talked me into a rear break job at the same time (we were actually due for brakes). We made it to Portland, Oregon, but the engine started to overheat again. The Honda Dealer in Beaverton, Oregon replaced the radiator and we were good to go. However, both repairs combined was about $1,200 (ouch!) For the most part our 2000 Odyssey has been a great car for us. We typically hold on to our cars for awhile. I have owned 2 other Hondas before this one, a 1992 Civic (which I sold in 2002 for half its original value) and a 1980 Accord hatchback. The only other quirky thing the Odyssey does is that the automatic sliding rear doors tend to be sluggish in extreme temperatures--usually under 30 deg. or over 80 deg. F.
Similar to Kathy, have owned this car since it was new. It has been a great van, a significant improvement from the Dodge Caravan it replaced, and is very comfortable on long trips. (especially those > 2 hours). A lot of flexibility: seven people can be seated comfortably OR the middle two bucket seats can be removed (would probably save some MPG if not using regularly) to carry (for instance) equipment, the third "magic" seat is heavy yet sturdy and folds into the back so the entire van behind the front bucket seats is flat...a 4'x8' could fit there. MPG between 18-25, nothing in its size is close, and horsepower is plentiful @ ~ 200! The salesperson recommended using premium gas every fifth fill-up or so...the manual says the van gets another 10 HP when you do. Oil filter is standard Honda (the same one fits my 1985 Accord). The only annoyances are minor: the tray in-between the front seats can sometimes be cumbersome to fold and unfold and the A/C is used to clear the characteristically-common (for Hondas) fogging up with inclement weather (with icy weather, it fogs and gets icy on the inside of the front window). I've never had automatic lights, so I don't miss having those. Overall, it's a comfortable touring vehicle and has a tight turning radius for its size.
The 2000 Odyssey rattles a lot in the front end. I have it checked everytime I get the oil changed and they can't find anything causing it. It drives me nuts.
I love the way it drives, my doors stick, the A/C is a little weak. I loke how much stuff I can cram into it for a trip!