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1999 Honda Odyssey owners review and rate their 1999 Honda Odyssey.

1999 Honda Odyssey (4 Reviews)
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I had the braking problem when I bought the van and they have to replace the rear brake drums.

The door locks are not working properly.

The sliding doors are always hard to open. It seems like they are clued to the door during hot days. The only way to open them is to bump the door from the inside.

The van has 120k miles on it and the transmission is acting up. Shifting from 1st to second gear is rough and it needs to be be replaced.

It is consuming engine oil quite badly and I have to add at least a quart for every 3k miles.

Also, the wiring connection to the clock and a/c and heater board always loose and sometime we are not able to control the fan and a/c and heater.

The ride and cornering is good.
this car is in good condition check engine and maintenece light are on
Overall awesome car. Its only weaknesses are: Automatic sliding doors wear out and are expensive to fix. Transmission went (but Honda was very good about replacing it under warranty).
great value. 99k. Ignition switch went out, EGR bad, catilytic converter went bad - all of these replaced by Honda for free!!!! Just did the timing belt, etc so ready for another 100k. You can buy the brake pads and rotors on ebay for $116.