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1997 Honda Odyssey (4 Reviews)
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I just bought mine going on 17 year old Honda Odyssey with 220,000 miles on it. I am an ASE Certified Master Technician and I am very impressed with this van. Of course it is a Honda and they are by far the best vehicles on the road. The only problems this van has are owner induced or just normal wear and tear. If your van does not drive like a brand new Accord then it is time for a new set of struts. My personal recommendation is to use KYB struts. This van has had regular oil changes and timing belt replacements but that is about it on maintenance so I am doing 17 years worth of maintenance to it all at one time. Here is what I've done to mine and my brand recommendations for the greatest performance and reliability based on 20 years worth of experience. It is getting New Bosch IR infusion plugs, Standard/BWD/Belden wires, all new Gates belts & hoses (radiator & heater), complete Gates timing belt set with new tensioners-idlers-water pump, Fel-Pro valve cover gasket & distributor O-ring, KYB GR-2 struts, Beck & Arnley front motor mount, Wagner/Bendix Pads & Rotors, K&N air filter, PCV valve, Standard distributor cap & rotor, flushing all brake fluid and replacing with high quality DOT-4 fluid, servicing transmission 4 times with Honda fluid, oil change with 15,000 mile Mobile-1 & Fram synthetic filter and a new Exide battery. Other than oil changes I don't expect to touch a thing for the next 50,000 then it get new plugs, cap and rotor. When changing plugs never forget to always use anti-seize on the threads and dielectric grease on both ends of the wires. My van runs and drives like a brand new van. I hope these recommendations help someone out there because at this age all these things either have been done or need to be.
good vehical good gas milage drives a bit like a tank but carries 7 people & heavy load with no problem no issues with this vans engine going one million miles
I own a 97 honda accord EX and so far for the past year i have had zero problems with it. Not everything works, but for a 13 year old car that is expected. This car was also in a big crash about two years ago and there are dents on every side of the car, but it still drives great. It does leak some oil, i have to put in about a quart every two months but that is a low price to pay for a car that just hit the 200K mark. I really enjoy how it drives like a car, even though the suspention is very soft. This is a great van and for the size gets great mpg, at 18 (city) and about 26 (highway).
My Odyssey EX was purchased new in February of '97. I had a '90 Accord EX before that. I bought the Odydssey because it was easier to get in and out of, the Accord being very low, and I'm a senior citizen. The Odyssey, however, drives like a car and is very confortable. Only Honda service people have ever serviced my auto. It has had regular check-ups, oil changes, etc. I'm only on my second set of tires since I don't drive really long distances. It's twelve years old but still drives and rides like a new car. It has only 43,766 mi. so far. It turns on a dime and is so easy to manuever. I've enjoyed driving it from the beginning and will be driving it indefinitely.