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2009 Honda Fit owners review and rate their 2009 Honda Fit.

2009 Honda Fit (5 Reviews)
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Great design, space & flexible seat options. I get 31-32 mpg. Biggest complaint is the 'firm & responsive' ride - you feel every little bump and the steering requires constant correction - no 'hands off' here. Very stable though .. a passing car cut back into my left rear fender, spun me across 4 lanes of freeway, and I was able to drive it back to the shoulder. The click of the directional signals needs to be adjustable and made louder. Little rubber cover on fuel lid push lifter fell off. Honda wants $30 for a 20 cent part.
Very fun daily driver vehicle! Excellent gas mileage!
Excellent handling and surprisingly roomy. I average from 32 - 36 mpg in mixed city/highway driving and upwards of 42 - 45 mpg in constant highway cruising at 60 - 65 mph. Maintenance costs are extremely reasonable. I have accumulated nearly 22,000 miles since I purchased this new. Parking is never a problem and the fit and finish is much better than you would expect of a car costing less than $17,500. Highly recommended! I would definitely get another one.
never stalled during the winter. very reliable!
In very few words .. this is appropriate for those who wants to ride well