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2007 Honda Fit owners review and rate their 2007 Honda Fit.

2007 Honda Fit (5 Reviews)
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2007 Honda Fit... approaching 213,000 miles. No major problems with the car except for one item while it was still under warranty. I don't even remember what that was. I think it was something with the computer... I love my Fit. Hoping to get 300K on it.... Yea, the exterior paint is fading from the sun...but it's a 6 year old car with a lot of miles on it. It won't look new forever. As long as it runs, that's what counts for me. I average 33-43 mpg with it.
My fit is terrible.
the paint is fading,have engine miss problems,bad coil after 38000 miles,bad engine miss
right now it will not start possible fuel pump?
I am trading it as soon as possible, has 55000 mile and nothing but problems. battery bad after 1 year
Generly speaking Fit is OK, enough room, diving feeling is good!
i have 111,000 on my car and it still runs great its been around the world to diffenent place and i would not trade it for any thing else when it is time to get another car it will be another fir everything about this car tis great and it is still roomy enough for teens with long legs
I love my little car ! enough said and she gets 40 mpg on highway