2003 Honda Element Reviews and Owner Comments

2003 Honda Element owners review and rate their 2003 Honda Element.

2003 Honda Element (7 Reviews)
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Best little car I've ever had. 160K miles, and three real repairs: airco compressor failed (Honda replaced it), heater/airco fan failed a couple of years ago, and the clutch master cylinder went out last month. That's about it. Uses no oil, starts right up in below-zero weather. I've driven it over washed-out roads in the Colorado Front Range and the Dan Ryan Expwy. in Chicago. No surprises -- it just goes. Really can't say enough good about the Element.
just bought it and i have a sqeak sound coming from the engine compartment
Best car I've ever owned, except for the door locks binding!
I have had this car for the longest of the new cars I have had. This is by far one of the best vehicles that was driven off a dealer's lot.
My Element was one of the first ones off the line 10/03. She is a joy to drive and can do and go just about anywhere. I can haul camping gear for four. Four bikes standing up with out removing the front wheels. And two 80 pound labs. I can go hunting and come home and hose the old girl out. Pitty it has been discontinued.
The individual who told me to check the tires for the source of the noise at 40 mph when I let off the gas was correct. I bought this car new and have no plans to replace it; I love this car.
I have 95,000 miles on my 2003 Element and I love it. I take it everywhere, in the dirt, snow and mud and it has been great. I can fit a lot of stuff in it for camping and fishing and it cleans out easily. I had a problem with the shocks but Honda replaced them for free! I will buy another Honda!