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2009 Honda CR-V (4 Reviews)
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Bought 2009 Honda CRV new. At 25000, the steering box went. I was into my fourth year so no warranty. Now, at 36000 miles, the heater core is shot. I will never buy another Honda. I drove clunkers for almost 40 years and never had problems like this at such low mileage. Also, had to replace tires at 29,000 miles.
After 43k of driving this car this is what we are seeing. The transmission is shifting hard and we are told it could be the torque converter pump bearings going out. It wants to stall or lag ( bog) in traffic. If you dont have the warranty you will pay out the wazoo to get any software upgrades to the car. Apparently ther are a number of software upgrades out there. A gotcha that really makes me mad. Dealers are not in the fix anything business unless you force them to. Good luck. What has happened to Honda?
traded a 2000 Mercury Mountaineer for a NEW 2009 Honda CRV at deadline of clunkers program. I love the style but rear visibility suffers, you really have to be diligent when backing. I find it hard to read the indicators on the dash. The door locks and window controls are non-intuitive and drive me to distraction. Car has high a level of road noise,. poor acceleration especially in traffic,. power. is so low it shifts down two gears to maintain speed on a hill. The drive by wire is awful and feels like a turbo charger lag when trying to pass. sound system is great but can't hear it at highway speeds. Engine has a ticking sound dealer says he can't hear it.( I use only mobile 1) Service light came on, cost over $200 to change rear axle fluid (not covered). There is a busing or shock noise in the front suspension, dealer was very cavalier about concerns. I drive thoughtfully for maximum mileage yet get a dissapointing 27 MPG (actually as advertised) over all. (23-24 in town).I easily got 24 MPG with the V-8 Mercury mountaineer SUV. The CRV brakes are outstandingly good. the car is solid, stable and predictable on the road. Over all I'm satisfied with the car.
we purchased our crv in june 2009 brand new through the cash for clunkers program. bryan honda is excellent dealership to deal with. the service dept. is exceptional good after the sale to make an all around wonderful company to do business with. the vehicle is so far doing good . the only problem is premature wearing of the bridgestone tires originally installed. at 15k mile scheduled maintenance had to replace 2 rear tires!! one was worn down to 1/32 and the other down to 2/32. Unfortunately tires on new vehicles are not handled through the dealership but through firestone. we are beginning a litigation warranty battle with them but probably to no avail.