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2008 Honda CR-V (3 Reviews)
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It's a Honda CR-V, so the ride is similar to an amusement park bumper car ride -- very little comfort but it still runs fine. Oddly, the front seats are rubbing against metal each time we sit on them and the cushion is actually being grated away and finely ground cushion is always visible below the outside of both seats... and no, we're not overweight. Recently the passenger door lock has decided to unlock itself while moving and it cannot be locked manually. This is a tremendous security risk and thus far, even though there has been a recall of many other CR-Vs with this issue, Honda is not honoring that recall on my vehicle which seems very odd to me since it's the same issue. I guess I should have stuck with Ford, as my husband wished. This is my second Honda and after my first one seized up due to a timing belt issue that was later recalled, I should have learned my lesson and stayed away. This will definitely be my last Honda.
I love my 2008 CRV-EXL. Great car, yes, it does have road noise, but it has been a great realiable car so far. I am a great fan of Honda vehicles, this is our 3rd one. I would buy the car again.
i bought my 2008 CR-V EXL on November 15, 2007. this is a fantastic vehicle. as soon as i saw it, i knew i had to have it. traded in a two year old crv for the new one. honda a/c is one of the best in the market. i have no complaints at all with this vehicle. carries tons. would have been nice if it had come with the day/night auto mirror along with the controls to open/close garage door, etc. the aftermarket one works well. i've had hondas since i bought a 1976 accord hatchback.