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2006 Honda CR-V (12 Reviews)
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My 2006 CRV air conditioning is out. Compressor cost around $1400 to fix. Also I have to constantly replace headlights
Silverjack 3 is my 3rd Honda CRV. Ya' like it, ya' stick with it. My 2001 started having issues (2 of my 4 cylinders died). I got 1 repaired, but was driving on 3 cylinders). I wrote to HONDA and they sent me $$$$ to pay half the cost. GREAT customer service. So I got 2006 CRV. Unfortunately, an unlicensed driver (a Dodge Ram P/up)with bald tires, hit us head on on a rain slick road. Silverjack 2 was sturdy although she was totaled (I hadn't made the 1st payment!). Anyway, she gave that Dodge Ram something to think about!! Don't think Silverjack1 would have held up as well.
Anyway, back to Silverjack3. First there was an issue with the rear vibrating on turns. Something about differential fluid. Fixed the problem. She's well over 100,000 and never had brakes replaced (yeah for down-shifting in a 5 speed). My son switched me to synthetic oil cause I'm broke all the time, and I did notice that when I'm low (about out) of oil, the oil light doesn't come on. Instead the 'check engine' 'explanation mark' and 'vsa' lights on. Just a heads up for anyone who switches oil!!
Other than the recall on the power windows, I love my CRV!
I have no complaints with my 2006 CRV SE. I had a 1997 CRV which lacked power but the 2006 has plenty in my opinion. It has 95,000 miles and have not had any significant problems with it. I will have the mechanic check on the bearings on the 100,000 mile checkup and maintenance.

I also agree on how well it drives on the ice and snow and give it 5 stars. I have driven on some treacherous ice and snow in the mountains and it has done extremely well.

The only complaint I have is the suspension, it does not do well on highway curves when you are doing 65-70+mph. My 1997 CRV did ok.
Bought my 2006 CRV-SE brand new. Had noisy sound coming from rear and had to have some sort of fluid changed. Solved. Finish is wear off of radio buttons, sunroof or luggage racks make annoying vibration noise. Now at 6 years old with 70,000 eady miles I had to have a new water pump in $650. Small gas tank and not so great mileage = frequent and painful trips to the gas pumo. The car is VERY noisey on the road and the interior plastic is hard and easily bruised. We have driven Hondas exclusively for decades, but this one will make us rethink our next purchase.
car is very noisy on highway. brakes only so-so I have never had a Honda with good brakes so did not expect is very good in snow. Should have 10-15 more horsepower, has troouble keeping up to speed in higher elevations. Lots of room easy to park. Honda has always had good service people in dealerships. I am not sure if I will get another one, waiting to see 2012 to see shat is changed, did not like vision out of 2007-2011 ones.
We have a 2006 CRV SE,,,at 99K,,the a/c compressor,condensor AND fan motor went out,,,ALL AT THE SAME time totalling $2100.00 to fix all mentioned. Our mechanic said it's extremely rare to have all 3 poop out at the same time,,,,

This issue needs to be addressed!!!
I found out my rear bearings are out on my 2006 CRV AWD. It only has 60,000 miles on it. Honda told me it is not covered under the powertrain warranty. I am demanding help with this $600 repair or I will get out of the Honda family. I bought this car for reliability not this. Very disappointing.
Bearing went on my 2006 Honda CR-V at 90,000 km. Was covered under standard powertrain warranty. Looks like it is a common problem. However I love my CR V. My 2001 CRV was hit by two transport trucks and a car on the highway and I walked away with minor bruises. Ordered a new one the next day.
We bought a new 2006 Honda 2w/d.Hate it. It drives like a tractor.
Now our bearings are shot with 92 thousand miles on it.
I heard that in 2006 the disc brakes were not tempered enough which cause them to buckle and put pressure on the bearings.Which caused them to fail.Did not take a extened warrenty as I thought I was buying a good vehicle.
I know of people driving other vehicles with 170 miles on them and never had a bearing problem.Do does anyone know of others having problem like mine.
My 06 CRV a/c went out!
2706 to fix it at the dealer! Help.
Looks like a problem honda won't acknowledge.
Very stable vehicle. Wonderful in snow and ice. Very reliable and a great car for local and mid-range trips. Would buy it again.
I got my 06 CR-V EX late in 2005. I liked it so much that I brought my wife a new 08 CR-V EX-L. Now we have two and I can't get over how great they are in the snow, and how conforable they handle and ride. I don't think I'll buy anything but Honda CR-V's from now on. By the way, I have been buying nothing but brand new cars since I was in my mid twenties. I'm seventy now. So I know a decent ride when I see one.