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2005 Honda CR-V (7 Reviews)
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Bought this brand new in 05 and have loved it with 220000 miles on it,it just keeps going I'm definitely going to look at the 2015-2016 models.
As of June 22nd 2014, and nearly 100,000 miles, my Honda started to show some signs of needing "TLC" to hopefully keep it going another 100,000 miles. The minor thing being a bad ground connection made my left turn signal act "possessed" since the circuit was trying to find a good ground. A bypass of the bad connection did the trick. The most major work that the CRV had, were alignments were so much out of spec, that a mechanic offered to add adjustable shims/camber/toe kits to bring the wheels into alignment. My tires were showing wear/tear indicating a severely negative camber. I decided to take the car to an actual Honda Dealership Mechanic for further consultation. It turns out that the aftermarket kits are just a short term "bandaid" so sorts that will get your wheels aligned, but doesn't address the real underlying issue of a worn out suspension. True, over the years I've used my Honda more like a truck,hauling bags of gravel, retaining wall brick etc, which probably should have been done with a regular truck. I decided to go for the more comprehensive option of replacing my springs/struts, which brought everything back into perfect alignment. The rear suspension job set me back over $2,000 but this car has served me well since I bought it I didn't mind the expense. Now, time to shop for a new set of tires! I'd recommend Honda products...and will consider it in my shopping for my next car in the future.
bad electrical problem. dealer won't fix. says can run up to $3000.00 to get problem fixed. fuse to interior lights and rear wipers keeps blowing. so no interior lights or rear wipers working.
I have a CRV 2005 EX, manual transmission. I feel it is a good vehicle so far. i dont have it for much time yet. in general i would say it is a ok vehicle. i have to say that i do preventive work. i dont wait to the last minute or until it brakes down to fix problems. it is good to change maybe before your manual calls for service
The car runs great. We have had no problems with it at all. The only issue that I ever had with the CRV is that it is noisy when it gets up and over 55 mph.
Do not buy this car if you like going back to the dealer all the time. I am very dissappointed in buying this vehicle, since I got it, I had to return to the dealer about the leaking tranny and got a remanufactured tranny. The dealer fix it but I got a rebuild tranny. Brand new car with a rebuild part. Then last week the water pump made funny noises and I had to get it fix. You know how much is a water pump about 400 bucks not including labor (100/hr). Thank God! I got the extended warranty after the remanufactured tranny was installed. I had to argued with the Honda customer service manager for a week before she finally gave me the 7 yrs warranty. I was ready to go to BBB, till she offer me the warranty. Very dissappointed. Come on This a Honda. What kind of car are they building here? So what is the next part going to B R E A K ? I am not going to buy another HONDA CRV. My next car is going to be a TOYOTA RAV4.
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