2002 Honda CR-V Reviews and Owner Comments

2002 Honda CR-V owners review and rate their 2002 Honda CR-V.

2002 Honda CR-V (6 Reviews)
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I bought the car used. At first I was happy but now I hate it. There are so many recalls, I can't numerate them. The "fix" free estimates are not free. I can't afford this car and woul'd love to be rid of it
My 2002 cr-v is up to 274,000 miles and runs like new. Great dependable all purpose vehicle. Highly recommended!
I LOVE m 2002 CRV-EX. However, the drivers seat is killing my back. the left side of the seat is 1 inch lower than the right. When on a business trip and not driving my car, my hip and back problems go away. I drive home (in my car) from the airport and am back in terrible pain. I am looking for recommendations on replacing the seat. Do I have to replace it with the same Honda Seat or will it take another (better for the back) seat?
instrument cluster needs replacing at only 108,000 km!
Perfect all pourpose vehicle in my opinion. Fun to drive. Reliable.
Purchased this car used in 2008 with 65k miles. Now has 110K miles. Driven 2x from Rhode Island to Florida and many times to Maine without a problem. Expected better milage than 25mpg. Really looses mpg (22-23) with 3 adults and baggage on Florida trips. Only problem encountered thus far was noisey power sterring pump, replaced with used one - problem resolved. Highly recommended car.