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1999 Honda CR-V (7 Reviews)
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I bought mine new in 1999. I love it, still! Fun to drive, holds everything. Had some issues with the exhaust. Rust belt living, bad repairs?? maybe. It has exceeded my expectations with maintenance. The only real issue is the rear tailgate latch. It fails and locks up needing replacement. Honda has fixed this in newer CRV's. I would love to buy a new one and keep my 1999 as a second car.
Bought my Honda CRV new in late 1999. Almost 14 years old, now. I have had hardly any mechanical work done outside of normal maintenance and a minor accident repair. My only gripe is that certain dash lights disappear when headlights are on, which I do during daytime hours because of LOTS of traffic around here. Can't see what the time is, whether airvent is open or closed, what gear I'm in, etc., when using headlights during daytime hours. Steering is still highly responsive after all these years and the interior and exterior have held up very well despite always being parked outdoors when not driven. One can configure the seats to form a cot in order to sleep in the car if one is in the wilderness! Easy to put things in and out of rear flap, even a heavy wheelchair, without straining. Everything still works on this extremely hardy and comfortable vehicle. It's also not a big bruiser, but higher than a sedan, so easier to see ahead and around, uses fuel wisely, and is, truly, the best vehicle I have ever had since I learned to drive 50 years ago! BRAVO Honda CR-V!
Great car, I got 285K miles on it, no major problems. Let's see an American car do that! Liked it so much I bought a 2005 CRV.
I love my car so much I never want to replace it! I haven't seen anything I want more than my CRV. Hate the "new" CRVs after the 2001 redesign. HORRID! The latest redesign is better but now it looks like a station wagon. The '99 upgrade on HP made it nearly perfect. All I'd like is 6 cyl. but I can live with my light truck. I've always done recommended service on schedule and I've never had one issue. At 10 years I had to have the suspension serviced, but that's it for major work. I love the way it handles like a sportscar, no tipping/leaning issues on sharp curves, I love the sporty look with the rear tire on back (which actually saved me serious frame damage when I was rear-ended at a stoplight), and I adore the picnic table that pulls out at the watertight compartment underneath. I use it often for car camping and it's ideal. There's nothing else as smart and with a good use of space/size on the market these days. Good legroom in back, great cargo area with the seats down, and the unfussy dash and open floor plan are unmatched anywhere.

This CRV is one of the best cars I've ever driven, the safewty ratings are really good also, the most expensive repair other than a tire coming seperated and trashing the side panel, was the air conditioning , replaced the control unit, I kid you not this is an amazing little SUV style get about. Today the paints are oxidizing and I'm going to write the company to see where I can match that color. It's deteriating partially from a body & paint repair shop, and
generally old age, butits also starting to oxidate rather fast.
I leased my 1999 CRV and then bought it at the end of the lease, it is now free and clear. I have not had one single problem in the 10 years i have driven it. It now has 73000 miles. It has never has seen a mechanic for repairs, only maintenance. I will drive until it dies.
bought used in 2004 @ 70,000 miles & no major work required since. Now @ 137,000 miles & still going great. Only front brake pads & 1/2 shaft replaced (at separate times) Ignition problem replaced at 80,000 miles as factory recall; engine quitting at fwy speeds corrected. On 3rd battery! Radiator replaced recently. Electrical getting flakey (?) -- dash clock only fitfully works now & door open warning lights no longer work.