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1998 Honda CR-V (7 Reviews)
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we bought the car new 1998 it reached 196000 no problems for the last 15 years average cost normal maintenace last year changed radiator my fault did not remembered to change antifreze,easy fixed did it myself thanks to you tube for info.
love my honda ,people follow me to buy my honda will not sell even after 16 years ,it is paid off who wants to spend 36000.00 again convinced my husbend to by civic for him, he loves it
I bought Honda CR-V 1998 a year ago. Overall, I am pretty satisfied with the car considering its age and mileage (over 130,000). However, I had to pay about $400 to replace both of my front lower arm controls. After some research I discovered that hondas do have that problem... But again, otherwise runs great.
clunking noise from frontend. auto locks not working.
Purchased 1998 CRV 2yrs ago unknown maint. history, now 150k miles use only mobile 1 in my cars. I accelerate gently avr 27 MPG ok not great 23-24 in town. adequate power, lots of engine noise, (really needs another gear) suspension bushings keep wearing out and sway bar knocks a lot annoying on irregular surfaces, after heavy breaking, sounds like chunks of metal are loose in front breaks. Clutch is just about finished and a/c has failed ( a 2200 repair estimate) Never gets stuck in winter. Over all satisfied with this little suv
Bought this car at 60,000 miles problems with it. Interior leak weather seal leak, A/C stopped working, Heater Blower motor, Rear trailing arms, transmission housing leak, Radiator cooling fan stopped, A/C cooling fan stopped, struts, strut bushings, engine mounts bad. When I purchased this car I thought it would be good on country gravel roads because it comes in a 4wheel drive package. I was sadly mistaken. I have kept up service and maintained the engine runs grate but have had loads of trouble with A/C and Suspension. If I were not a mechanic I would have spent a fortune on this car in labour. Trailing arm bushings replace by a dealer are about $600 a side. If you can do it yourself, look at spending $120 in parts and $100 for the tool to replace them. A/C system was not designed right. Makes for frequent mechanical problems after about 75,000 miles. If your a pavement only driver then this car would be ok if you can deal with no A/C half the summer. I would not buy another CRV but, that doesn't turn me against Honda cars.
We love this car- runs great! Bought it at Tampa Hondaland in Florida, with 40,000 miles, now has over 137,000. Minor AC problems, and front rotor warpage- other than that, great on gas. We religiously change the oil/filter every 3,000 miles!
The interior has aged quite well. There might be some slight fading of the upholstry but there has been otherwise no signs of wear. I did however wear through the driver's side floor mat, down to the backing. Also the windshield wiper arms paint is starting to wear off. But then the car has 187K on it.

My husband keeps thinking this car will need to be replaced because it is 10 years old and has 187K miles on it. But it has still had no major repairs needed (though it may need a new clutch just now). Husband's a Ford man but because of my car is open to the idea of owning a non-Ford, as long as it's a Honda.

The heating & AC is and always has been a bit underpowered. I've found that to be true on every Honda (1984CRX,1991Civic) I've owned over the last 25 years.