2007 Honda Civic Hybrid Reviews and Owner Comments

2007 Honda Civic Hybrid owners review and rate their 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid.

2007 Honda Civic Hybrid (3 Reviews)
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The car is a piece of crap. I have had problems with the car from the time that I bought it. The tires wore out in 6 months, the door locks did not work, the break system failed (at a cost of $3,000) the windows stopped working, on an on. I feel cheated because I thought Hondas were reliable- able to go $200,000 without a serious problem. I will never buy another Honda, ever.
Thrifty and practical commuter car. Almost 36K miles now with no problems. Excellent service by B___n's Honda! The only real problem is the absolute boredom of driving this car and the limitations faced by Hybrids in general. Braking is a little quirky, and as with all Honda's too much road noise.
A good car but many days long for something that owns the road like a Beemer or Audi.

5 years and 46000 miles without problems, this is the most reliable car ever but still a drag to drive. This car has probably saved me 10k in expenses but makes me long for a Porsche Boxster that is always in the shop.

Also note that the air conditioning is weak, cannot recommend this car for hot areas!
goood car