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2003 Honda Civic Hybrid owners review and rate their 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid.

2003 Honda Civic Hybrid (4 Reviews)
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168,000 miles averaging 49 mpg (mostly highway). Second set of tires about ready for replacement. Original plugs, brakes, etc.; only change the fluids regularly. Last summer replaced the a/c compressor which I run year round. Check engine and IMA lights come on when the temperature drops but go away when it warms up. Dealer can't figure it out! If/when the battery dies, I'll see how long I can run it on just the 4 cylinders. Should still get over 30 mpg.
My 2003 Civic Hybrid is great. I get around 42 - 43 MPG. I drive quite fast and don't even try to get high miles on it. Most of my driving is on the highway. The car is great and at 130,000 miles the maintenance has been excellent except for 1 thing. The transmission died just after the warrenty expired. Honda covered 3/4 of the cost. Other than that the car has 0 rust and is in great overall condition. Engine runs smooth and the AC still pumps. Much better than my 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee which was falling apart just under 90,000 miles.
best mpg
Bought for $13,900.00 in 2005 with 27,000 mi. now at 100,000 and I am surprised at the amount of depreciation (dealer said $2500.00) Blue book at around $3300 (could be the high mileage) . Car has been average to good in terms of mpg (38 - 49 mpg) but varies wildly. Sensitive to gas quality (I can tell when I get a bad tank). Am about to spend $2000 to replace the O2 , front struts,and cat converter! Car is ok but i miss my 87 civic 5-door which I bought used - drove for 15 years and logged 300,000 miles!