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2008 Honda Civic (3 Reviews)
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I bought mine brand new in 08 and I absolutely have put it through its paces. Its manual and while the clutch clicks a bit, it hasn't gone out and everything shifts smooth. I replaced the alternator at 80k, other than that, I've only replaced wearable parts (brake pads, tires, batteries). Great car, multiple cross country trips I do a lot of highway driving, probably close to 95% these days. Interior has a bit of a rattle in the back, and I wish I had purchased leather seats for durability. I'm still averaging 30-31 miles a gallon as well.
2008 Honda Civic. I bought this new and love the reliability and mpg - 28/36 mpg. This is the 3rd Honda I've had (1987 accord, 2000 civic hatchback), and I must say quality at Honda is slipping. This one has had problems my others did not. The driver visor is broken (the dealer said they will replace as there have been many problems with them), and secondly, the engine has had trouble starting when the weather has been super cold. We live in Tx, so not too many cold days, but my other Hondas started like clockwork! But, overall it's still a great car. Just disappointed that Toyota is not the only car company that seems to be losing legendary quality.
I purchased this car on Valentine's Day at CarMax. I really like the comfort, and reliability of this car. The stereo system is awesome and parking is a breeze. Because of the short front end, one cannot see how close you are when parking, and I underestimate the distance! But, I think it is my poor depth perception...LOL! I also found it in my favorite color: Metallic Blue! I've only put 802 miles on it in 2 months, so repairs have not been an issue. Great car, I will have this one for along time. Had my 1995 Camry 14 years before I traded it in for the Civic, and it STILL ran great!.