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2007 Honda Civic (5 Reviews)
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This car can take a licking and keep on ticking. I have had my Honda Civic LX for over 4 years and put over 57k on the odometer and this car has never failed me. From 3 years being in northern Vermont to the current year of the toils of the metro NY rush hours this car runs the same way it did when I first bought it new off the lot. My only complains about the car would be that I wish the road noise was significantly lower and that it could accelerate faster. Great car I hope to own many years to come.
Had to replace Engine Mount at 30k miles. It would rattle and make a bad low grumble sound in Reverse. That's a tough $600 to drop on a non Warranty part of the Engine. Anybody else had similar problems?
I find my Honda to be the most expensive car so far to date. I have only owned it for 6 months and am looking to trade it in for a different model and make. It is very cheaply made.
I have 112000 miles and now the engine run rough and do not know why. Factory rear camber setting were bad and could not be adjusted. Spent 300 dollars on rear control arms that could be adjusted plus 79 dollars for alignment. Went thru alot of tires. Nothing like my 03 honda. 279000 miles and still running better than the 07. Go figure.
This was my first new car and I love my car!
I had the problem with my sun visors and the dealer took care of me. I've had one leak from my timing chain tensioner cover (warranty) and I just replaced the tires. With the synthetic oil I'm getting 33-35 mpg each tank!

Sometimes the AC takes a little long to get cold but I'm really nit picking