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2006 Honda Civic (9 Reviews)
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Bought brand new in 10/2005 as new 2006 Civic LX, manual tran.
Yesterday, 3/01/13, gave car to my adult son...this morning
the clutch started to go...How bad does THAT make me feel??
How much is dealer replacement clutch going to cost?
Mileage: 103k....I sure expected more!

Had manual tran Saab for 15 years...original clutch... :-(
my questions is this..I have a 1996 honda civic ex with 69,000 miles that I inherited. IT is a Michigan car, and a mechnic where i live in colorado just discovered that the front subframe needed replacement due to severe rust. My question what point will i need a timing belt replacement and will it be a belt that needs replacement or a chain?
I bought this car used and, so far, am very pleased. GPM? On the hiway, if I don't go over 57mph I get 42/43 mpg, at 65 I get 36mpg, at 75 I get 32 mpg. I stay in the right hand lane a don't get any sas from the truckers. I have 46K miles on the car.
Bill Kirk
I honestly have had very few problems with my car - the only gripe I have is that it didn't take long for some lights to burn out. Difficult ones to replace (of course) - the first was the gearshift light, then the mph/km and mileage reset button. I was able to replace the gearshift light (it was a blown fuse) but not sure how to replace the mph/km light and today (my car is nearly five years old, the left headlight (regular beam) went out. Now I am facing the challenge of replacing the light myself (which seems very difficult) or paying Honda a couple hundred to do both headlights at the same time! I love my car, don't get me wrong, but it is not easy to replace anything on whereas the Ford I had before was never a big deal. It is almost like they make so difficult that you have to take it to the dealer. Maybe that is their strategy? I just don't like waiting hours for one tiny thing to be replaced.
Fluid like in the rake and pinion steering at 73K miles, very disappointing to have this expensive repair.
Awsome styling with great gas millage, I'm a big Corolla fun, but I love civic's interior
great car!!
First new Honda Civic for me just 3 years old this month & with 31000 miles. My only costs are oil changes @ 5000 & rotate tires @ 10000. Best car I've ever owned and in my 72 years I've owned quite a few. Mileage on hwy tops 42mpg and in the summer around town 33mpg. Ride is a little choppy, my last car was a Lincoln LS, so it takes awhile to get used to but on long road trips, 1700 miles,I had no back problems or leg cramps. My wife drives a '97 Civic with 68000 miles and it still gets 28-30 mpg around town, mostly short trips.
This has been one of the most reliable cars I've ever owned. I've had very few problems with it and would definitely buy another one.