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2005 Honda Civic (8 Reviews)
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Perfect car from honda, powerful,smooth, 160000 no big problem at all
I am a owner of a 5 speed 2005 honda civic. I bought it brand new at the honda dealer from California. The car is well maintained. I changed oil every 3K, changed transmission fluid every 50K and replace timing belt and water pump once. I am still driving the car with 212,444 miles and going. Honda has excellent engine for the long miles as long as one does not misuse it or modify the engine. I put only genuine honda parts on the vehicle. I would buy nothingelse but Honda.
My honda has 103,825 miles and for about a year I have been having it over heat on me. Not all the time but when I have been on the highway for any legth of time it would over heat and I take it to a shop have thermostate replaced, everything else checks out. I does it again 6 months later and noone could figure out why. I googled the signs I have been having and found out that other 2005 Honda Civics have the same exact overheating issues with noone being able to figure out why. BLOWN HEAD GASKET! So beware if yours is overheating!
I bought my 2005 Honda Civic LX on Dec 31 2004. I now have 169000 on this vehicle, most of the miles are hwy. I am just now starting to have some problems with this vehicle that could end up costing me some hefty amounts of money. Example of problems are electrical the dash board gauges are going to zero reading even though the dash lights stay on and at the same time the airconditioning stops working as well as the radio and clock go out completely, all of these problems are occuring while the vehicle is in motion at high speeds. If I turn off the headlights while I am driving then the radio and gauges work normally, but then I don't have any headlights. Also when the gauges are at zero the vehicle will not move in drive (automatic trans) when starting from a stop. Instead the vehicle reacts as if it were in neutral and reves up the rpms, however if I turn the headlights off then the vehicle will move as it should when in drive and the gauge begin to work properly let me remind you that these things are happening while driving at night. Another problem is that I just discovered that I have a crack in my exaust manifold.
This is my favorite car I've ever had. I plan on driving it into the ground, but I'll take darn good care of it along the way. The headlights are a pain in the ass to change because the wheel well blocks easy hand access. Great mileage.
This car was bought with 50k on it by my bf in Feb 2009, today it has 90k and its been absolutely perfect. No problems what so ever except for regular maintenance. Left us stranded once because the original 5 year old battery failed but it lasted longer than average so I can forgive it. If you want a car that doesn't require much attention, gets 37 mpg average, and is a pleasure to drive, get a Civic!
2005 Honda Civic. I bought my civic brand new with 2 miles on it. I've had it now for 5 years, and just had to replace the front brakes on it. I also just put on my second set of tires. The gas mileage is amazing, the car looks great, I just really love this car so much! I will run this car into the ground before I even think of getting rid of it.
What a fantastic little workhorse! I love this car for its reliability and excellent gas mileage - it never ends up in the shop. The repair and maintenance on this car is most affordable (that's because it really never needs any repairs). For the amazingly low price, I think the car is designed nicely - and it's easy to park in a big city. Both the hybrid and gas version have excellent gas mileage.