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2004 Honda Civic (11 Reviews)
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I love my civic. I have 265,000 miles on my car. Just recently had to replace the clutch and am about to replace my a/c pump again. Other than that I love it. It runs very well and it meets our needs.
I bought a new 2004 Civic EX Coupe. I now have 190,000 miles on it. I changed the timing belt at 120,000. It runs like a champ. I need to get a new bumper but thats it.
My 2004 civic 1.7 is a piece of crap . Blown head casket , blown exhaust manifold gasket at 185,000 Km . Get rid yours before 150,000 or you will suffer the same results as all do around this mileage .The engine is a lemon over 160,000 . Read the problems of this engine which are well documented . Honda will not help you in the least although they know very well of these problems . The manual tells you that they strengthened the engine in the new 2004's but Honda is full of bull . I will go back to Toyota or elsewhere but never again Honda . Read the problems with other models of Honda engines and beware .
I love my 2004 Civic! Bought it new, has well over 100,000 miles, and it lasts and lasts, and still looks pretty darn good. Best buy I ever made.
It's like the everyready battery! It keeps going and going! Had a Ford previously and it was a good solid car with more OOMPH than the Civic, but at 70K the interior hardware came apart and about every 30K the brakes needed work. Not this car, it is solid. I am at 120K and brakes after only one revamp are still good.
I love my civics. this is my 3rd one. It now has 60000 miles on it and runs like a new one. Only problem I have is the suspension. It does not ride like an accord. But its great. Keep oil changed very 300 miles and it will take care of you. A good quality oil. I use Castrol GTX 5w20. GO HONDA
Still a very reliable car at 100,000 miles, fun to drive and economical.
A fun, reliable and economical car! At 100,000, still looks and runds great, with only a very few minor problems.
For the money and for what this car is, I am very pleased. Its certainly not a luxury vehicle, but I didn't pay for a luxury vehicle. I have 60K and thus far have had no major issues or unreasonable maintenance issues.
This is a great car. It rides better than I thought, the brakes are great, the electrical system has never been a problem, and it has great AC and heat!
great little car, super on gas and very economical!