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2003 Honda Civic (7 Reviews)
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I purchased my 2003 Honda Civic LX used. It now has over 200,000 miles on it and I'm extremely happy with the car. Honda's are long-term investments – low maintenance costs, low repair costs, and great mileage. I'm beginning to think my Civic will last until the end of time!
ive owned my honda since it had 32 miles on it.i love my honda civic.only 3 sets of tires(had 18" aftermkt wheels when bought) the car is a bit hard on the front tires...have to keep them rotated, 1 Battery,changed the oil ea. 5000 miles(moble 1 syn),timingbelt/waterpump(at dealer)at 110000mls,had tranny serviced at 60000mls,tranny has always felt a little funny because of the 'grade'assit tranny brake. but never any serious problem other than the tranny dip stick blew out at about 70000 miles(honda dealer had never seen it) blew alot of tranny oil out.but not a problem because i caught it immed...the car now has 120000 miles and has never even had spark plugs(its time because it does miss a bit)i wouldnt trade this car for nothing...plan on souping it up a bit over the next few years...Go Honda!!
okay with car
I drove my '03 Civic LX off the lot with 6 miles on it. Currently, it has 155,000 miles on it. I have done a lot of driving in it from pizza delivery to 500 miles in a day roadtrips. I've spent a lot of time and money on regular maintenance: oil change about every 4,000 miles, 5th air filter, 3rd set of tires w/ balances each time, 3rd set of front pads/rotors (brake flush each time), 2nd set of back drums, mutilple flush jobs (3 coolant flushes, 2 fuel injection flushes, and 3 tranny flushes/drains). New timing belt, waterpump, and other belts. 3rd battery with maintenance and cleaning. 3rd set of sparkplugs, and more.

At about 36,000 miles, the car wasn't shifting as smooth as it did when it was brand new. The dealer gave me a new tranny under the warranty rather than dissect the stock tranny.

I just had a problem with the starter going out. I just replaced it over the weekend. I noticed it was really dirty and I'm thinking it became that way due to a newly discovered oil leak. It "looks" like it's coming out of the gaskets atop the engine but not sure. I'm really upset about this, as it's going to cost a lost to diagnose and repair.

Also, around 110,000 miles. I noticed a crack in the exhaust manifold. Gas mileage has worsened but it still passes smog and works. I've been wanting to fix this for some time now, and the part seems to be running around $3-500. I don't think it should be too difficult to fix myself.

The stock cd player broke instantly, and I haven't been able to listen to a CD in my car since... 2005? The front driver door keyhole is fickle and you have to struggle to get the key in. Also, one of the power windows won't roll down. Changing one of the headlights is a pain in the butt.

I love the car a lot. I've driven it really hard and have actually taken it easy on it lately. It drives well in the snow. I'd like to believe it's been great to me and reliable. I guess I lucked out with getting a new tranny when it had low mileage. It has had problems (key hole, window and CD player), but the engine has never failed me.
I have a honda civic LX brought it used a little over a year ago with over 100,000miles. Recently I have been noticing alot of problems for one my key stopped working in my doors, my clock; after a couple of days i subtracks mins., the seats(which are black) are really hard to clean they always look like a used lint brush, pulls off kinda slow. And the biggest most costly is my ignition switch just went up in my car($641 to repair). My steering wheel was locked at an angle making it super hard for the tow truck guys to lift it on the bed. Shifts kinda hard when going from 40 to 45mph. But other than the normal oil changes(that the car reminds u of with the engine light), brakes, headlight replacements; the normal up keep the igniton swtich is the only big repair ive had. But its only been a year and 4 months so who knows what else will happen
my civic ex has been pretty reliable. i've always had the scheduled maintenance done as recommended and always taken it to a honda dealership for any thing needed done. one major problem i had at about little less than 100,000 miles driving on the highway, and out of nowhere, NO WARNING, no stereo, no air, and no gas pedal, i made it to an exit luckily, but then trying to get into a parking lot, was difficult because once i slowed for the exit, i could not accelerate, ended up having it towed, THEN maybe a month or two after that dead of winter, heater stops working, dealership supposedly fixed it by refilling some fluids, (yeah right) had to take it back 3 times, IT STILL did not work, after having to pay for my "fixes" each time, ($200-500), i finally went somewhere else where they fixed it no problem (problem with the radiator) (still paid almost $700.) The carpet in my floor board even with the floor mats, still has worn down to the point that when i have my foot on the gas pedal, my heel is on METAL, THROUGH THE MATS! When getting on the highway or trying to accelerate relatively quickly, i have to turn the a/c off then it still has a slight delay before it revs up and actually will take off. and my head lights/covers can not just simply be replaced with a new bulb, as of most vehicles, YOU MUST REPLACE THE ENTIRE HEADLIGHT ENCASEMENT! ($150.00 per side) so now, my headlights look so dim, i can not even tell whether i have turned them on or not! OH YES!, and my factory stereo that have by all means, given me several HOURS of non stop JAMMING , unfortunately now has to be beaten in order to spit out my CD's (quite hard), randomly changes channels ALL BY ITSELF ( no going over bumps, or pressing other buttons) , always to a static channel too (even worse) and at the start of the problems, the light that enabled you to see the clock and channels, (backlighting) at night, went out, with no mention in the manual of how to fix this light, resulting in no clock/time or seeing what radio station your changing through at night, now it has gotten so bad as to i have to hold onto the steering wheel and drive also while pushing as hard as i can with one hand on the faceplate area of the stereo, just so that it will let me change a setting, station, or play a CD, volume ANYTHING! because otherwise it will show absolutely nothing, therefore, does not receive or recognize anything you touch on it. (ends up like the game twister but with the fingers on one hand, without being able to look (due to concentrating on road as we all should). As long as you can deal with the above, i would recommend it for anyone looking into a smaller size car.
Hybrid model. Once you get used to the "auto stop" feature, it's challenging to engage it in the so-many instances that you find yourself stopped. Getting it started from auto stop is best if one pretends like it's a manual transmission. The car handles well, accelerates smoothly enough (adequate but not great power), and the MPG excels with the better weather (in cooler and/or inclement weather, the MPG drops due to Honda's A/C being used to clear the Honda-typical window fogging). The only oddity is that there's no audible warning if you happen to leave your lights on, and the battery goes dead fast. But, a standard vehicle can be used to recharge it. Due to its compact size, only the driver has a hand rest. Black dash attracts dust. To change oil, a plastic panel below engine needs to be removed, but easy-to-break plastic grommet-like attachments make it costly to do yourself at $3 per x10. Best to pay to have a professional handle it. A nearby dealer (Klein) fortunately has a package plan where changes are $20 per.