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2002 Honda Civic (3 Reviews)
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Very comfortable car, I have driven cross country twice in this vehicle and I am planning a third trip.

Drives great, very reliable, good daily driver.
Had no problems up until about 90k miles. My AC started binding up, which froze the drive belt and fried the alternator, which took out the battery. All told the damage came up to $2000 in one go. I live in Phoenix, but I tried to use the AC sparingly and just open up the windows so the AC dying was a surprise. Not the most pleasant, but overall it has been a great little car.
This care is awesome bought it used it is awesome shade of bubble gum pink. It now has 200,000 miles on it. of course routine break tire and suspension replacement. I noticed some people said that their steering wheel shakes REPLACE BREAKS! Your car does need love and care as with any car does, replace your breaks people! I just replaced mine for the first time this year I let them get too bad. I put 600 miles a week on it...little trooper. The hood mount just broke the latch shattered this week, I hit a seagull last summer and it finally gave way. The stock stereo has awesome base and all, my friends love it, it has a cassette player and cd player too!!!! I have the LX model. When I buy a new car one day years from now I will only buy Honda. THis car still gets 35-40 miles a gallon! (with a good tail wind or drafting 40! lol).