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2001 Honda Civic (6 Reviews)
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Reliable, cheap to maintain. Classic civic. daily driver. Good job honda!
I bought my 2001 honda civic LX 4DR in january of 2008 not a single problem initially did alternator, battery etc but now if you see my car is excellent I like factory stuff and factory accessories. Have a complete original factory body kit, original alloy wheels, navigation, original dash trim kit. I always by geneuin parts & accessories and if you maintain it, it willnever give you any problem.
I've had this car for almost 9 years and the transmission just failed on me without warning at about 94K miles. I also need new struts and break pads, so was just quoted $5K for repairs. I may junk it, as the blue book is 5K. Before that I had few problems. The interior, after 9 years, is showing definite wear/tear-- the molding on the outside starting to pop off, the vanity mirror flip up lids fell off, and the little coin basket broke off. The interior "carpet" like fabric on the doors started peeling up about a year ago, and the fabric has thinned on the roof, etc. Really disappointed I didn't get more out of this car.

Get a 2000. Avoid this year!!
Excellent Vehicle, I bought it when it had 113,000 miles now it has 138,000. No Problem so far with anything. It's Stick Shift, great Pick up, great performance. I LOVE THIS CAR.
Great car! Just had a pricey 100k mile tuneup, but only standard problems for its age.

The major problem I've had with this car was the AC. First it plugged upp and leaked all over the passager seat floor then it needed to be recharged.

Minor problems include a buggy driver side window that sometimes sticks while rolling up. Especially in the rain. Probably electrical problem.
good car