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2000 Honda Civic (8 Reviews)
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I bought my Honda Civic Ex 2000 11 years ago. It is the best car I have ever owned. It has been to Mt. Rushmore and back. I have 238,800 miles on it and it runs like a top. I was at the Dealership twice in 11 years. Once to purchase the car and the second time because I left my gas cap off by mistake. They had to reset the computer. The paint job is flawless (it is Black) I would like to get at least another 100,000. Next summer I will be taking my Civic from Michigan to Oregon. I hope Honda does not follow other car companies and start ordering parts from China.
This is my first car! I bought it brand new with 11 miles. It now ten years later has 330317 miles on it I have never had problems with it. I have now a/c went out. I would buy another! I love my HONDA!!!!
Good reliable car that will not let you down
Great Car, fun to drive and amazing gas mileage.
I've had this car since college, 2 moves (NC and MD) and now with 2 kids, and am up to 107,000. It's a great, if basic, car. My Civic has had the muffler replaced (salty roads in MD) but no other major repairs, easy to care for, and runs wonderfully. Good for city commutes and long distance trips. The only change I would make is for more power to the engine. Getting it to speed up quickly, or up hill, requires turning off the a/c and really working the gas.
Cheap, economical car with no bells or whistles. In fact, the car really is just that a car. Nothing more. Its features are limited, and it shows. Pros: it is cheap and easy to park, does not attract attention. Cons: way underpowered (you need to shut off the A/C to accelerate uphill), and forget passing in tight spots; Hard to get in (it is a car designed for the ave. height of Asians); rides like a pet rock (I can feel the road through the floor and seat as if I am reading braille with my feet and bum).
This was an excellent commuter car. No frills but it worked consistently with no major problems. The paint has begun to sunburst a little bit but overall was definitely reliable.
This EX Civic has been a good car. The interior has held up well, but the paint on the hood shows signs of checking. The steering wheel shakes when I step on the brakes and that has been an issue since I can remember. The clutch and drive train have worked flawlessly. With over 150K on the car the engine uses oil, and I have to keep a close eye on the level. Overall the car has been great. I definitely will purchase another Honda when I look for another car.