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1999 Honda Civic (6 Reviews)
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Pleased with my Civic VP love it runs like a champ. Bought used 10 years ago very comfortable still in good shape. It has 130k miles got timing belt changed few months ago. Civic rides and drives great has good power with the V-Tec motor lots perfect acceleration. I did get another vehicle a '14 Altima SV but kept the Civic when driving to work used as daily driver love both cars especially my Altima. I would buy imports now they are very dependable.
My 99 civic has 200k miles and still runs great, low cost to maintain,changed oil every 3000k and never had any real big problems, oh i did have to replace head, but that was due to the water pump piece broke off and clogged something over heated, had it replaced and expect to get another 50K out of it, my last civic befor this one went 300k, and never leaked anything, 35-40mpg someone knocked on my door and asked me to sell it to them, that 88 civic took me across the country many times, went through college then I gave it to my little brother and he used it until he graduated Medical School at UCLA and bought his own practice, he gave it back to me with 300k and I drove it to Phoenix where someone stole it to smuggle drugs got it back when police found it and it still ran great up to the day I sold it. I believe in hondability, GO CIVIC!!
Living in Nicaragua, I bought and Honda Civic Ex 99 that came from California, with a Total Loss Salvage title, took my chances and it is running like new and great phisical conditions, looks like new. What a great job you guys did. Pictures
its cooool model of honda but its engine get dammn hot..
Great Car, but electrical problems and high cost to repairr
Very solid car. Nothing but scheduled maintenance, and normal maintenance w/150K, e.g., shocks, oil pan gasket, exhaust, etc.