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1994 Honda Civic (4 Reviews)
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I have a 1994 Honda Civic HB VX model, purchased new, now 17 years old. I don't use it for communting so it has only 91K miles on it. I've used synthetic oil in it since ~mile 45K and have kept up with routine maintenance. It required a modified oxygen sensor at mile 60K---a pricey little number at $375 because of its unique shape---and now requires a new timing belt---or at least I think that's the reason for the sudden drop in gas mileage to 36 mpg (whereas I routinely got 48-50 combined). Other than these wear-and-tear issues, this car has performed well--no major engine problems, satisfactory handling on highway or city streets. I plan to have it for another 17 years. Too bad Honda doesn't make the VX model anymore.
i love my car,this car has now 260k miles and it still has the original transmision and engine.i am super happy with the auto.
One of the best automobiles I have ever owned. Will have a Civic as long as they keep running like this. Nothing beats a Honda
over 250,000 miles with no major problems. Have had the water pump replaced once and and ignition coil, That is it. I keep waiting for this car to die so I can get a new one but it just keeps going.