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1993 Honda Civic (4 Reviews)
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This is the most reliable car that I have ever owned. I would never buy anything else but a Honda from now on. The first 100,000 miles only needed routine oil changes. You absolutely could not beat it! If you want quality for your money, you want a Honda
I have the DX hatchback. I've had this car for 2 years now. Great gas mileage, reliable, even handles in the snow (manual trans.). Not the fanciest car I've owned, but it works without giving me a headache and maintenance is easy on this car. I plan on running this car into the ground in 15 years.
I got this car in June '06 with 168k mi on it. Now (Sept '10) it has over 200k mi and is still running great. The car has needed a few minor repairs (alternator '07, ignition coil '08, muffler '10), but has held up very well overall.

Nearly all 92-95 civics seem to get rust above the rear wheels. This often leads to the clips that hold the bumper rusting out and a sagging of the bumper. I fixed this by drilling a hole through the bumper near where the clip was and running a zip-tie through it. This has held up for the past 2 years without a problem.

Engine power is pretty weak, especially with the AC on, but you can't really expect much from a 1.5 L engine. However, the fuel efficiency is amazing. I usually get about 37-38 mpg in the summer and 30ish in the winter.
185,000 Miles.. 5sp Civic Lx.. Head gasket and radiator.. paid 300 buxs 4 it and spent 200 bucks on the Rad and gasket, timing belt and water pump.. The best 500 dollar car ive had and it gets 40-43 mpg. The body is cheap in my opinion and the interior sux..but MPGs makes up for it..( did all the work myself )