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1991 Honda Civic (5 Reviews)
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Great, tough, car! Have wrecked it twice once in back and once in front and you can hardly tell if at all. Great gas mileage, about 25-30 mpg. Cheap to work on, rarely ever has problems and when and if it does it's usually minor, or just a little kink. Very reliable transportation. Fun to drive, great for learning stick shift if you're a beginner (car I learned on, had no idea how to drive 5 speed and learned within 1-2 weeks) Great for a first car, basic but nice interior. Only complaint I have is there's no storage at all (no cup holders, no door holders, small glovebox) other than that it's a great, fun, nice, comfortable, peppy little car. Drives nice, accecelorates nice and fast, and is great for customizing or changing stock to aftermarket. I absolutely love my 91 Civic and look forward to having it for a very long time, if you take proper care and maintanence it will last forever. I've known people close to 300,000 miles whose still drove like new. *based off of 1991 Honda Civic Dx Sedan 5 Speed Manual
i just traded my 88 chevy silverado for this 91 honda civic dx 4 dr. sedan and i am very very happy for the great fuel economy i'm getting. this was the reason i did the trade. i loved my truck but wasn't using it for a truck, instead just a means to get me to and from work. and with my 44 mile round trip commute each day, it was killing my wallet. the first thing i did when i got the honda was fill it up w/ premium gas, drain the trans fluid and replaced w/ honda atf, then i flushed the radiator. the engine oil was just changed about a month before i traded for it so that was nice and clean, i also changed out the fuel filter, too. so far i am very impressed w/ this little rice burner. my first tank gave me 35mpg... so my calculations show that i will be saving myself an estimated $400.00 a month on gas!!!! my next step is brakes, can't expect everything to be perfect on an older car i knew nothing about. it will prolly need rotors and pads i'm assuming, that's fine. i got the honda w/ only 109k which is low for the year...
the paint is still very good. ofcourse i waxed it right away and much to my suprise, it cleaned up pretty well... it's got some rust and a few dings, but still looks respectable going down the road. i will stop back here and fill yall in how well/or not so well the civic is doing... thanks for reading...
I got a 1991 Honda Civic DX hatchback for free and absolutely love it. I get over 35 mpg driving around the city and over 40mpg on the highway. Not bad for a 20 year old beater! It sits 5 comfortably (7 including the penalty box), it's roomy, and it's reliable. I'm going to drive mine for as long as I can, and when it dies, I'm going to buy another one from rust-free Phoenix.
We bought our 1991 Honda Civic back in 1996. We wised up and have been keeping up the basic maintenance. It's now al bit over 120 thousand miles and going strong. We did upgrade the AC to the newer type which should keep our cost down for refilling the coolant. It's now March of 2010 and we're extremely happy with our choice of car and we hope the old Bear Car will keep going for a long time to come.
This has been one of my favorite cars. Great power, great handling, great gas mileage and good looks too. Easy to maintain and fun to drive. The only issue I had was the brake rotors would warp and cause the steering wheel to shake when braking at high speeds.