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2011 Honda Accord (2 Reviews)
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I purchased a new 2011 Accord EX-L 4 cyl and after 6 months I noticed a severe shimmy while driving on hwy. I took the car back to the dealer 5 times since then and they did several tire balancing each time but they were not able to resolve the problem. Now after driving for 6 months with the shimmy they claim this is "normal" for the model/engine that I have. The tires on this model a pretty good Michelin Pilot but the dealer is refusing now to even look at the car claiming nothing is wrong.
If this is the Honda quality I would gladly go back to my old Nissan which did not have such issues.
This is my first Honda and my last for sure.
well traded my kia sorento in on a new 2011 accord far i love everything about my new car had only 3 miles on it when i got at 50 will have to see how things sure all will be well since its a honda..