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2010 Honda Accord (4 Reviews)
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I loved my new accord and my wife and i were in an accident and there was quite a bit of damage the front was pushed in the hood buckled uo and the drivers side fender destroyed.and to top it all my air bags failed to deploy>MY wife and myself have never been in such pain I have bruises from the seat belts and we both are very sore i even have bruises on my knees.What i would like to know is where the heck was my protection the air bags did not deploy.and we hit about a 400lb buck.Honda has yet to call me back or even have my car inspected.I think this car has failed me and I'am afraid that if this ever happened again will my air bags fail me again?I have a lemon as far as protection they should replace my car.
My 2010 Accord is very practical and reliable. It is "good", but does not do anything "great". Not a car to get terribly excited over. Mine is a 5 speed manual transmission EX, so it's more entertaining to drive, even with the anemic 4 cylinder engine. The 160 watt radio leaves an awful lot to be desired. Still, the car is solid, has nice lines, heats and cools well, drives well, and is safe.
Bought a Accord Coupe V6 MT last October. For the last month or so I've been having trouble with the car not wanting to go into 3rd gear when it's cold. Honda says they don't know anything about it. I've only owned manual transmission cars, I've gone out of my way to make sure I'm not "shifting lazy". Maybe there's a problem with the transmission?
Bought a 2010 Honda Accord Coupe V6 6MT, I put 6k miles on it and all hell broke loose. While driving at 40 mph the engine started to sputter and 3 warning light came on. Took it to Brahman Honda who identified misfiring on all 6 cylinders. 12 days later...the misfirings continue and they still have NO CLUE what to do with the car. I'm studying about lemon laws since that seems the only option I have.