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I bought the car used one year ago. I started with 55K, now at 68k. It is an EX-L V6. I have not experienced the problems listed below; however, the prior owner may have lived through them. I change the oil every 5k miles. The only areas where this car could have been better include body integrity (rattles) and brake noise (the lining is fine - just noisy ~ which I have experienced with other cars). Based on thoughts below, I suppose time will tell.
Have a 2009 2-DR V6 EXL accord and I LOVE it! I've had it since 2010-cert. pre-owned from Manchester Honda and cannot say one bad thing!! Came with 8K miles. Now has 70K. I've had to replace all 4 brakes, needed new batery last winter but that is about it! All that is basic car care. Oil has been fine. So far this car has been worth every penny. I plan on selling next fall (2016) only because it's a 2-dr and we plan on starting family. If it wasn't for that, I'd have this car as long as I could!!
I wish I never traded in my 2005 Honda accord that car was the best I own 2009 ho.da accord and it's terrible it goes threw oil like there's a frieking hole and the brakes went two times already now my car turn on then shuts right off going to shop tomorrow oh and the switcher went so even when my car is off the brake lights don't shut off and if you don't unplug the battery the battery dies its the worst car I have ever had and its my fourth but 3rd Honda I can't wIt to trade in
I had a used 99 Civic for ten years. No major hiccups. I decided to upgrade into an 09 Accord EX, 4cyl in 2009. Initially there were problems with the car. Battery went dead, rear brakes were replaced, I think all before 8K. I am a road warrior, but I don't drive my car rough. The brakes are extremely noisy even after having new ones put on and running them through the wash to rid them of dust. They are just noisy. The wheels feel a little wobbly at times, especially in the rear. There is a grinding noise when I crank the car if it has been off for a long while, almost like a pan rattling underneath. This occurred just after 100K. I live in the Metro DC area so getting from point A to B could mean a MINIMUM of 30 one way. Now that I'm at 112K, the AC just STOPPED working. I noticed the two fans are not running in front of the engine. This NEVER happened with my Civic and she had 210K on her. I'm not very happy with this car even though I was happy with my Civic, which is why I stayed with Honda. Other minor issues, the rear brake light failed (never on my Civic), the interior lights ALWAYS go first (even in my Civic), I heard a loud snap when I pulled my visor down one day and now it doesn't press flush against the ceiling of the car. I've replaced the leather arm rest and now the arm rest in the door is splitting. (NEVER use ARMOR ALL leather wipes!!) I would guess that it damages the car's interior because it is NOT leather. The driver's window was acting up a bit, like it didn't want to go all the way up, but I'm not having any issues out of it. The lumbar support stopped working and I have intermittent back problems. I MAY get an Acura, but I'm sort of leaning toward a Lexus. I'm VERY disappointed with HONDA. I expected to have this car until about 2021...but no. She may get traded this year.
The power door locks lock and unlock themselves constantly while I'm driving. This happened originally at 36,500, now all door are dead at 46,000. Dealer service are very bad at Diamond Honda. If you want to buy Honda, please review this over. I plan my other car can be any but not Honda.
Ihave a honda accord v6, five months now it has used six qt of oil Iwill never owne Another HONDA
I am currently driving CIVIC that I was loaned when my 2009 Accord engine light started flashing 120 miles from home. Since purchased new, Honda has replaced the battery, the rear brakes(and they didn't tell me there was a recall) and spark plugs twice. I was told the second time that if the plugs went again, I would need a new engine.
I am home and my car is 120 miles away. They say they are going to charge for the loaner but I plan to argue. They also implied that I would have to pay for the machining that was done by a machine shop. I have no idea what they are actually doing to the car and when I have to drive 120 miles to get it. They have had it for 1 week today!
I'm the current owner of a 2009 Honda EX 4 cyl. Accord. After hearing about the rear brake commotion, I had a Honda dealer (Honda of Bowie) check their conditions at 20k and was told it would last me till 34k miles...had to have them replaced at 28k. Even more frustrating is that they're using the settlement as an excuse for owners to pay for some of the repairs ($50 of the $200) when it should be covered 100% by the 3yr bumper to bumper warranty. During the brake replacement, I had my vehicle's software updated for excessive oil consumption (oil burn?) issue which ironically gave my vehicle the issue they were trying to fix as this wasn't an issue before. Like clock work, I was replacing my oil every 8.3k miles. Now at 32.4k (last changed at 24.9k), my engine was nearly depleted of engine oil...I was lucky enough to notice the very brief indicators and check the oil levels at the right time. The low oil pressure indicator wasn't even reliable as it only flickered on a couple of times for a split second. With potential to damage to the heart of the vehical (the engine), this is another critical problem to go back to the drawing board. Another noticeable issue is that the engine sometimes "lags" meaning it takes it about 2 seconds to accelerate the vehicle at all after depressing the acceleration pad. In heavy traffic when trying to get past an intersection, this can be a fatal discovery. Interior, electrical/lights, heating/cooling, and suspension/steering are about class averages with no issues yet. A better design would be to go for a six speed transmission instead of five. I can't speak much to the emissions as I haven't had to get this tested yet.
2009 Accord EX 38,000
I have not had an issue with brakes but did receive a recall notice in the mail. But...
I have the tan leather package and the front drivers seat leather cracked and has been replaced by the dealer but the replacement is also cracking after less than 18 months. The driver side door arm rest/handle "leather type material" also also torn. The console "leather type material" looks like it is getting ready to tear and seems to be wearing thin. Seems to be a common trait on other forums

Of course it is out of warranty. So now I have a 2 1/2 year old car with tan duct tape on the door handle. If it was 10 years old I could give some consideration but only 2 1/2 years?
Another piece of junk from japan
My mother in law has one, and thankfully it's a lease. She (of course) has no complaints. I'm a master auto technician so I feel my opinions are just a bit more valid. The car now has 15k on it. Rotors warped around 7k. a/c cooing capactiy @ idle is terrible,it also just stops cooling for a few seconds at a time. The interior construction is not anywhere close to justifying 25-35k. The drivetrain is loader that expected and shifts are pretty firm for a gutless wonder . The engine has no low end delivery but the milage is a good trade-off. Handling is decent for a front wheel drive, but the terrible brakes negate that. HONDA FAIL
Had a 2008 Accord 5 speed with absolutely no problems. Totaled it anf felt completely confident in getting a 2009 Accord.

Got a 2009 Accord 5 speed. I complained about the brakes everytime I took it to the dealership. I have also complained on 3 occasions about a "popping sound" in the steering column, but they never heard it. Finally I took it in this past week. They now say the rear brakes are 90% worn and need to be replaced (will cost me 165) and they "popping in the steering" is something wearing so they replaced the entire steering column.

Also there is rattling in the back dash that has been "fixed" on multiple occasions but comes back after a few months. And a strange smell if you have the room temp air blowing without the A/C button on.

I am very disappointed in this car and would not recommend Honda to anyone mainly because what should be considered a recall or covered under bumper to bumper warranty is going to cost money out of my pocket. And replacing the brakes may not actually solve the problem if they decide next year that the rotors are causing the excessive wear on the brakes, not the brake materials.
In response to all of the Brake isues with Honda. They have come out with an updated rear brake which they just released to all of the Honda dealerships. If you call your local Honda dealership they should have it available for you.
Also there is a class action lawsuit regarding the rear brakes, If you have replaced your rear brake pads already then you might qualify for reimbursement. You can visit the website for more information
30000 Miles most on the Highway. No problems with brakes. EX-L 5 speed Manual 4 cyl. Drives well, handles well. Don't like the lid on the power outlet in front of the Shifter. The outlet in the center console is useless if there is anything else in there. A clunk in the gas tank when it is full. But I love the car, good performance and reliable. Good gas mileage, I avg 27+mpg, 24 if I am in town a lot.
Worth the money.
Hope a rock does not hit your a/c condenser because it will be a $600+ repair. It is not covered under warranty, although I am not the first nor the last person to ever encounter this problem..
Excellent car. Highly recommended.
I am not sure about Brakes
Drives and performs daily, nice ride, BUT I need to mention the noisy brakes, awful gas smell from AC (chemical smell) and the dealer can't replicate, it happens sporadically. Slow remote to open door. Overall, i feel discourage to have issues so soon. 3000K
Don't buy a 2009 Honda Accord. They have serious brake noise and premature wear issues. Honda has no fixes for consumers either. If you don't believe me, Google it. Seriously. For a car that is supposed to be one of the best in quality, Honda sure dropped the ball.

Save your self the money and the headaches. Buy from a differnt manufacturer all together.

I have had my car in three times for these issues and i only have 2,317 miles on it. I am not alone you will find hundreds of others online posting the same issues.

Don't buy a 2009 Honda Accord! You will regret it!