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2008 Honda Accord (33 Reviews)
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Bought my 2008 V6 Accord with 12K in 2010..previous owner used only as snowbird vehicle. From day 1, I noticed that when i accelerated from a dead stop the car would behave like plugs were missing or it needed a tuneup, yet when I reached highway speed no problems. I just had tensioner pulley and serpentine replaced after 80K...thank goodness for my neighbor who worked as service manager at Honda who diagnosed the issue by listening to the me it sounded as if my power steering unit was going. I was hoping that the tensioner pulley was causing the "engine miss" but no such luck. The ECO works properly and I was thinking that could be the issue. Any other ideas?
This is the 3rd and LAST HONDA ACCORD that I will own. I feel in love with my husband's (then boyfriend), 1987 Accord Coupe, we married, had our first child and even after being flooded by Hurricane Floyd, had it repaired, with no problems and got over 240,000 miles. We wanted a Sedan, so I got a 2000 Accord...I drove it and got close to 290,000 miles BEFORE (drum roll), this 2008 Honda Accord. NOTHING BUT TROUBLE...from brakes, replacing headlights (which is a task in itself on this model), to my the VS system, which I was told was a timing chain, replaced the entire entire. I then find out there's a recall. So, $3000 later, I can't get it inspected because my dash is lit like a Christmas Tree and I've been told that I need a 1500.00 Internal Computer Module, AND this morning, it wouldn't crank AGAIN...The battery is good, the mechanic is saying its the starter, and that, because of the labor involved with taking the intake manifold off to replace the starter motor....
I have 70,000 miles on my 2008 honda accord. Every 20,000 miles I have to replace brakes. I have A/C problems, blows hot air (off and on). I had VTC changed under TSB at 55,000 miles and now the same engine problem is occuring, which i will have to pay for. It goes through oil (consuming) it. I have to add a quart every 2,000 miles. Recently, the starter went out $500 and the power steering pump was replaced ($400) because they said it was leaking too bad and would cause an engine fire. Both not under warranty or recall (honda said) I contaced NHTSA as well as Honda America. Honda America is ignoring me.....I HATE MY HONDA ACCORD.....and i will never buy another one. I HATE HONDA AMERICA !!!!! HORRIBLE CAR. I plan to sue them......
This is a piece of junk I will never buy a Honda again. Took into dealership the A/C blows hot air after warranty was up had to spend $145 on a new compressor. At 87,000 miles my car is burning oil did smell antifreeze mechanic said that my dipstick was dry needed oil rings and pistons still didn't help. The brakes are the main problem besides anything else on this car spent money getting new brakes it's sad we buy cars but don't tend be reliable as I thought Hondas were made to last should have never got this car. I really in processing of trading it in on Toyota and never buy another Honda again they are not what they used to be.
I thought my brand new 2008 Honda accord would be my dream car but I was wrong. I too have problems with the rear brakes, air conditioner, a $700.00 repair to fix a sensor light but my biggest disappointment is the cheap interior console trim. At first it got stretchy then just tore apart. Dealer said it's normal wear and tear (??) and a letter and pictures to Honda's deaf ears....would I recommend a Honda...think not
You can solve the brake issue by purchasing cross drilled rotors and ceramic brake pads. Honda brakes run hot. Since replacing mine, I have not had a problem with warping rotors & haven't had to replace brake pads more often than regular wear & tear requires.
The 2008 accord ex-l v6 is my third accord. Unfortunately this is my last as it is very clear that honda's dedication to building rock solid, trouble free cars has gone south in a big way. Brake issues, key issues (2 sets, same problem, stopped working, replaced batteries in both, one now works, the other does not).
The VCM is horrible, engine runs rough, shifting his horrible, engine may be missing also. I have 60k on this vehicle. Honda is severely damaging their reputation, not only will I not buy another honda, the word of mouth advertising will be less than appreciated by Honda over time. I am looking to step it up a notch with my next purchase but Acura is now out as well. Too bad really, Honda used to rock, now they suck. Possibly new leadership, or maybe they've become so profit oriented that they've cut costs to join the ranks of manufacturers who deal in junk for maximum return. Screw that.
I have owned at least ten Honda's and this one fares worse than an old Chrysler I had. The condenser on the air conditioning went, I had to repair a freon leak 2 years ago. I have needed three remotes, the gasket around the driver side door keeps falling off, I have gone through 2 sets of brakes and I only have 50,000 ,miles. The gas mileage is awful. The leather is wearing and I am very gentle with my things. A sensor went on the engine. In the past week I had almost $2000 repair bill at the dealership.
This is my first Honda Accord and I have had great experience with it. I have over 130,000 miles and have not had to replace much expect for general wear and tear. Like other reviews I did have premature wearing of the brakes which were repaired by a honda dealership who did a horrible job. I later had them repaired by a local auto repair shop, and they did fabulous work. My ac does run a little slow, and could be better but overall I am very pleased by the reliability of this car, and plan to purchase another honda accord.
2008 Honda accord the worst car I ever drove. I will never buy Honda Accord in my life..
Rear brakes replaced at 24,000mi. Local dealer replaced on warranty as unusual wear. Door arm rest has bubbles in the finish and leather seats are showing unusual amount of wear. Of course the third brake light rattle has been fixed twice now. Awaiting power steering pump to be replaced due to hard steering at slow maneuvering speeds into parking slots. Parts on order. 69,000 miles now on this V-6 EX-L 2008 Accord. Replacement for a 1999 Accord with 127M that never had any problems. Quality is really slipping.
Someone please tell me why I had to replace the... clutch - pressure plate - throw-out bearing - resurface the fly-wheel on a LX-P model at 51,000 miles?

Dealer and or "Honda" will not cover under warrenty.

I had a 2001 Ford & 1995 Ford each with over 150 to 160 THOUSAND miles on them...... never had the clutch go out/needed to be replaced?
I absolutely HATE THIS CAR!! it has been nothing but repair after repair! Had to replace brakes at $25000 at my cost only reimbursed partial. Then Honda put in wrong brakes so I need to do it again! Now air conditioner/blower went out has never worked right in first place. Leather is of poor quality!!! Very disappointed!
Overall, we enjoy the car. We had the rear brakes replaced due to the premature wear. Most recently, with minimal use, only 30K miles, garage storage day and night, the front leather tan seats started deteriorating. This is clearly a problem not due to normal wear.
This is my fifth and LAST Honda. The XM radio repeatedly cut out for the first year and a half of ownership. Honda was aware of the problem and was "working on it" according to the Honda representatives I spoke with on numerous occasions. Finally got the new XM unit in time for my rear brakes to go out with less than 20,000 miles. Honda insisted there was nothing wrong and refused to repair them until the class action lawsuit forced them to pay $170 of my $240 repair. When I expressed my displeasure about having to pay for repair of obviously faulty brakes and that this would be my last Honda, the Honda representative told me she would not note that in my file otherwise Honda would not help me at all! My rear deck spoiler rattled loudly, and was the subject of a service bulletin and two more trips to the dealer for repair. My air conditioner, which never worked very well now does not work at all and I was told that it would not be covered under my warranty. I read on-line that hundreds (if not thousands) of Honda Accord owners have the same problem...a faulty design that allows road debris to damage the condenser. The dealer wants $1000 to repair it and says that it will likely happen again! What has happened to Honda quality and service? I'm trading mine in and am going to give the American car companies a try. I have a 2004 Yukon with 130,000 trouble free miles on it. And I might add, I have pulled trailers through mountain passes at freeway speeds and still did not have to replace my brakes until over 100,000 miles! My advice is to not buy this car based on the likelihood of air conditioner condenser repair alone. Too bad, because I like the 6 cylinder engine and the looks of the car.
Overall the car is not too bad, but with the oil usage poor brakes, suspension noise after taking it to the dealer twice while it was still covered under warranty and of course they couldn't hear it. I wouldn't buy another 08. I was pleased with some of the earlier years. The quality has gone down big time.
Brakes are my main problem. 26k miles and the rear brakes have worn prematurely down to the screeching tab. There is a class action lawsuit but you still have to pay parts and labor. You have to send the bill to the lawyers handling the case. When the case is settled you should get your money back --we'll see. The front brakes are ok according to dealer. Also had trouble with the remote key not working. Tech says it was just moisture. She opened it and removed the moisture and its working fine now. Maybe they should work on water proofing the remote. Other than this it has been a solid car.
honda accord ex v6 4-door
*3000 miles-replaced rear brake pads and turned rear rotors
*21000 miles-replaced rear brake pads and rear rotors, after numerous calls to honda--aka auto nation they paid for them
*23000 miles-brake problems again-all rotors turned front and rear
also the torque converter is being replaced to stop shuttering when switching gears btwn--20 and 40 mph.
*have owned numerous hondas---this is by far the worst experience i have ever had....
*note--the service manager is great, but i wish i never needed to ask for favors or special treatment.

This is my third Accord EX (2008 model) and I've had more problems with this one in the two years I've had it than the other two cars (1990, 1999) combined..... rough loud engine, unexplained noises, brakes, lack of visibility of back end of car (very unsafe), bad wind noise etc. I can't believe that the old trusted reliable Honda has sunk to such low standards. I will be selling this car soon and will not ever buy a Honda again. Where is the quality that was once a priority in the Japan made Honda?! Honda has lost it's niche as a high quality manufacturer. So disappointed.
Great car, brakes replaced at 25000. Received partial refund from the suit brought about for this. I can also use it one more time. A little noisy on cement roads but no real problems.
Brakes, front and rear, are a disaster. Rear pads didn't even make it 20,000 miles before they had to be replaced, and front rotors and pads were shot not long after. Where's the government-ordered recall? Somebody's going to get hurt. And I gave up a a very reliable Toyota Tundra with a sound braking system for this grief?
I have 56123 miles on my accord it handles more like an old GM car from the 70s than an honda. This my 3rd honda the last 2 were both accord ex's I think the accord needs a more sports car feel.The older accords handled better they need to repair the brakes.
My 08 Accord only has 27K miles. Right now it is in the shop for both front and rear brakes, and the oil pump apparently needs to be replaced... I cannot believe a new car with little miles would have these issues. I know about the lawsuit which means honda will fix the breaks for free, but what about the oil pump??
I have also had to replace rear brakes and even had an accident because of them. Now my a/c compressor has locked up. I'm worried about what next.
This is the worst car i have ever owned. I will never ever again buy a Honda. I have had more problems with just this car then any other of the cars i have owned combined. Everyone of course already knows of the constant brake problems with this year and model. Not to met ion the loud noises coming from my engine. Now my car has stalled out twice on me. Never again..
Bought this car for my wife new and 39k miles later still as sweet as the day we bought it. We drive like we stole it anywhere and everywhere. She daily drives it and we still use it for weekend getaways great car, we got the V6 and can get a solid 30mpg on freeway with a/c turned on. We are long time Honda owners and that is why we chose this one but I like the Camry's front end alot more than the accord, and may get one of those next time....
This is without a doubt the MOST troublesome vehicle I have owned in over 40 years of car ownership.
(1) Horrible rear brakes; replaced at
2008 Accord LXP with 26500 miles. Replaced rear brake pads at 12500 miles and again at 20980 miles. Air conditioning is ice cold then compressor will cycle and air will come out warm for a few seconds and then get cold again. Happens every minute or so no matter how hot or cool it is outside. Honda evacuated and replaced freon thinking it could be contamination and it still does it. Im thinking a/c puts too much strain on the 4cyl engine. Other than these two glitches-brakes/air conditioning, its been a great car.
I have owned three Accords and the 2008 is by far the worst from a mechanical perspective. I had the front rotors and pads replaced at 5100 miles. The rear pads were next at just over 10,000 miles. Now I am replacing the rear pads again at 22,000 (not at the dealership). This is unbelievable. I have had two SUVs and a full size truck that needed less brake work than this car. It also took 4 tries for the interior trim to be repaired. Honda has always been the first place I look when it comes time for a new more.
Brakes are terrible!!!! Check the web, you will see that thousands of customers complain about premature rear brakes wear (at 15000 - 18000 miles!!!) and Honda makes people pay for it.
The front brakes on my accord 2008 are squeaking from 3000 miles. It was 5 visits to dealer, several repairs but it is still very noisy. Remote key entry stopped working after 1 year (new battery didn't help). Dealer claims that it is my fault and I have to pay for new keys. Although Honda says about 32 MPG and more on highway with I-4 engine, my best is 24-26 MPG.
Definitely, 7 visits to the dealer withing a 1st year of ownership for a brand new car for repairs is too much. I wouldn't consider buying Honda in future.