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2006 Honda Accord (8 Reviews)
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I have owned my 06 exl with nav for 3 years. It's been a great car. I do make sure to flush transmission fluid every 5k miles just to be on the safe side. It is generally reliable. I have replaced the power steering hose and an o-ring and rear brake rotors as well as front pads/rotors. Nothing major. Will definitely consider buying another Accord.
I bought used in 2010 with 54,000 miles. Roomy and it's more comfortable than my 1996 traded on another used certified Honda put trust in the reputation. I see many of these on highways. I truly love my Accord got the LX which basic model but it's a good reliable car ever. In 2015 finally put 185K on odometer never once had this car to left me stranded on traveling CA freeways. It's dependable, affordable and runs like a new car like styling better than newer Accords in the later years this is the best car no minimal repairs it runs and drives sharp gets excellent mpg. Plan on driving my Accord until 400K love every bit of it maybe next couple more years when the newer Accords aged as my 2006 probably grow on me at the time did get a certified as did with my used one still runs like a new car or better.
For the most part my car has had some problems from purchase from dealer in Aug,2006.
1. The whole rear suspension replaced under warranty
2. I engine has a nasty noise at cold start and only when I push down on the gas peddle. i was told that the drive train or an exhaust leak may be the problem and i am in the process of repairing it. The car now has over 60k miles and have had valve adjustement and it make it a little quiet, but still makes the nasty noise.
Bought it as brand new car. Till now had no problem. Brakes are still running good at 53k miles. About time to change tires. Its just very nice car.
I have a 2006 Accord EX-L with Navi. It has been a great car for 75000 miles and will continue to serve me for several more years, I'm sure. This is my second Accord. The only complaint I have is that the body seems made out of butter. The body & paint are quite delicate, dent & scratch easily. I have also had to replace the brakes twice, which I never had to do at all on my 2003 Accord even after 70,000 miles.
EX-L V-6, it's been a great car. Roomy both front and rear, and very comfortable. I see many 06-07 Accords on highway. Wish Honda made this body type for five years like they do with rest of models. The colors silver, and red are real classy.
The car is great. Acceleration's great! no lag. But the brakes are squeaking when braking between 30 -40 mph. then the squeaking dis appears.turning ratio is good. no leaks or rattling. good for commuting as long as can ignore the squeaking brakes, just shut the window and turn the radio loud. I brought it to the dealer and they said I needed new pad. I just go the car, and I check the pad and it stil 3/4 inch thick no thanks. Not ready to drop 250 bucks for new pads, maybe next year!
very nice car