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2002 Honda Accord (10 Reviews)
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I just purchased a 2002 Accord EX (4cyl Auto w/163000miles) from my sister last month. She purchased it new and had all service done at the dealer.
She kept meticulous records in a binder on everything she had done to the car. Was I impressed. For the price I couldn't pass it up for a 2nd bang around car.
Jury is still out on reliability, but so far it runs like a champ. If the tranny goes south, I'll just get out from under it. I have nothing to loose. Who knows I just may fix it.
Purchased my 2002 Accord Coupe EX in 2005 at 34,600 miles. Since then, the major purchases I have made have been as follows: 2007 new front and rear brake pads, 2007 new transmission (@77K Miles - covered under powertrain warranty), 2008 new ball joints, 2009 new transmission ($89K Miles - covered under replacement transmission warranty! phew! here i think the dealer may have tried something dirty to sell me a new Honda, but they didn't check the service records to find that I had a warranty, so the guy who authorized this got fired, is my guess), 2009 new front and rear brakes with rotors, 2009 new rear wheel casing, 2010 new timing belt, water pump @105K miles, 2012 new front and rear brake pads. 2012 now the muffler needs replacing..after 7 years of ownership and 11 years of total driving and @162K miles! :) Air Conditioning, Shockups, Cabin Upholstery, Front Windshield, Body Paint are all original and in excellent shape still. With 26-27 mpg (75% highway miles) I am very pleased with the efficiency too.

All in all, I'm very satisfied with my 2002 Accord and would love to step up to a Hybrid or high fuel efficiency car, and hopefully stick with a Honda.
My 2002 Honda Accord EX is in the shop with warped rotors again! $495 to resurface. Honda Dealership replaced all four rotors 20,000 miles ago (August, 2012). They tell me the warranty is 12 months OR 12,000 miles so too bad for me. They always tell me too much rust - car is garaged when not driven. Yes, I do drive a lot. Original owner with 189,000 miles on car. I have never had a car where I have replaced so many brake pads and rotors. I am 60 and have not changed how I drive - so I think there is a design or material issue. May have to sell before 200,000 miles - not going to pay for another timing belt - way too expensive for value of car.
This is my second Honda Accord, also still own a 1995 Accord Coupe with 180K miles on it and the 5-speed manual transmission - I love that car.

This 2002 Honda Accord I bought used with 33K miles on it, its the V-6, automatic 2 door coupe with all the toys (leather, sunroof, spoiler, power seats, etc.,). Worked like a dream except- leather seats wore out on the drivers side, stitching came loose and seams came apart - but my major problem with this car was the transmission failing, of course at 102,000 miles! Right after the warranty expired! I thought Honda's were super reliable - well for the first 100,000 miles they apparently are. Honda wanted $5900 (the car wasn't even worth $5900 at that time) to put a new transmission in, found a mechanic who would put a USED/REBUILT transmission in for $2400; wow, what a deal. This car was mainly drive on Montana interstate - not city traffic, so little stop-and-go stress on the transmission.

In the future, if I ever purchase another Honda car I will be sure it's a manual transmission.
I have had my 2002 accord EX (6 cyc) since Jan 2003 and bought it with 17k, i now have 192k and fixing have a routine replacement of my second timing belt. That is the most costly of any maintenance done. I have replaced my brakes and other routine maintenance myslef. I am very very happy with my Honda and am saving for my first new car, which i have decided to make it a Honda Pilot 2010. Happy Honda Owner.
Bought my car 2002 Accord new also. Having problem with the transmission too. Strated at 100k Have about 110k now still running. My mechanic told me of a transmission place in LA who gave an estimate of $1200 to rebuild. Not bad...everyone else wanted $2000 to $2600. Will get done soon - but car's still running.
Purchased 2002 Honda Accord new , garage kept with all scheduled maintenance performed , At 107,000 miles the D4 light flashed and check engine light came on, took it to honda service and was told the transmission was mention of any known problems with honda transmissions but cost would be $2900 for fix , 2 weeks before Christmas... Ho ...Ho...Ho...Honda was not as reliable as was led to beleive. Next Christmas I will have a new car ,guess what kind it won't be...
Gotta say, I'm surprised!!! Read through all the reviews and can't believe all the issues. Honda is supposed to be solid, but it seems otherwise. My brakes did make it to 50k before replacement, and the rotors lasted till 75K. But, now that it's 8yr old with 155k, it's all falling apart. AC issues, and just replaced transmission $$$$$$. The interior and exterior holding up well, so new tranny better get me another 100k, but reading all these reviews i'm not so sure.
If need new tranny, make service manager ask Honda for Assistance, they will put up some of the cost. 20% for me. Helped a little. Good luck.
Bought in Feb. 2009 with 66,000 coupe special edition is a very good looking car.Maintenance reminder light has come on with 71,000 miles on car.This is my daughters car but I take car of it for her and can honestly say it is one of the best i've ever owned!This is a excellent wounderful car,i also own a 07 Civic LX coupe and a 2004 Honda Pilot EX-L.I WILL ONLY BUY HONDA NOTHING ELSE!
I own a 2002 Honda Accord SE Sedan and a 2009 Honda Accord EX-L v6 Coupe. My honda accord SE is preety well only 92k miles hah the air conditioning dosent seem to be as cold as the civic we also own. and the acceleration pedal is always feeling sticky and all the brakelights all break after i replace the next but all in all i love the accord! There fun to drive and the resell values are holding up good :D