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2001 Honda Accord (13 Reviews)
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engine problems drop off the RPM
I'm amazed so many people had issues with this car. Mine is 10 years old with 176,000 miles and still gets me into trouble with speeding tickets. I drive the Grapevine in California everyday and never have a problem pulling the grade. I've had to have the water pump and timing belts replaced but so far that's the wrost. For an average of 100 mile a day commute i'm not complaining. I love her! i'll probably cry IF the day comes when i have to get rid of her.
I have never been as dissatisfied with any vehicle as I am with my 2001 Honda Accord EXL. For the most part, this car has been good to us. We used it very seldom and have only accrued 57,000 miles on it. I am absolutely disgusted that the transmission has failed. A list of symptoms:
Leaking fluid
Jerking (especially when cold)
D4 light blinking
Check engine light is on
At the dealer now diagnosed with transmission failure. American Honda refuses to do a good will replacement as we are a few months outside of the extended warranty (which should have been a recall).
As there are so many cases of this listed on the Internet, there must be a way for us customers to fight back. Class action anybody?
If you are a lawyer with knowledge in the subject willing to hear me out, please contact me.
If you are a pissed of Honda customer with similar problems, please contact me. Let's put our heads together and make them do what is right by their customers.
It has to start somewhere...
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missymaryjane at sbcglobal dot net.
i own a2001 honda accord. its a graet car bought it used with 70,000 miles. runs great very comfortable and roomy.
This car has been in my family since June 2007 with 66k and today it has nearly 114k, only problems it gave me are front rotors that tend to warp often giving you the dreaded steering wheel shake when braking from highway speeds and a really bad oil leak from the rear main seal which was pricey to repair. Other than that I love the car, love the smooth and strong shifting transmission (which is original on mine). Dark Emerald Pearl paint still shines beautifully that it fools people into thinking my car is only a couple years old instead of ten. 3.0L 200 hp V6 still revs smoothly and silently and is decently quick and fuel efficient. Car drives like a new car and is a pleasure to drive. It has made me a Honda lover for life and I could not see myself driving any other make. Sure its got its issues but what 10 year old car doesn't have minor ones? Only problem right now is the alternator that has a whine at idle whenever my cars lights are on so I am worried that the bearing may be failing but its is original and if it manages to give me another 2 years I'd be happy.
Only major problems this car ever gave me was front brake rotors that had a tendency to warp often and an oil leak from the rear main seal that was costly to repair. Transmission on mine is original at 114k and shifts strong and smoothly. Engine is still smooth as silk and powerful with decent gas mileage with the 200hp J30A1 V6.. Car is still pleasing to look at and a pleasure to drive. Dark Emerald Pearl paint still shines beautiful and people think my car is still a new car constantly. My alternator does make a whining noise at night when the lights are on so I am afraid the alternator bearing may fail soon. Overall, very please with my car, it has been in my family since July 2007 with 66k and other than those 2 problems its been regular maintenance.
i had many problems with this moneypit car. the transmissions are very weak mine went with only 103000 miles on it. very dissapointing.
I love this car! Bought new 12-2000 this car now has just over 200,000 miles on it without really anything ever going wrong. Basic repairs and up-keep is all it has needed.
I can't tell you how much I love my Honda. The only thing I've ever need to spend money on, outside of regular maintenance, was the a/c unit. This car is 9 1/2 years old and still runs like a dream. I was hit from behind last December, and the Mercury that hit me was totalled- pieces everywhere. My Honda? The bumper was scratched. I am proud to own a Honda, and will squeeze every ounce of life out of this one (177k miles and still running great!), then I'll buy another Honda.
hello I noticed that alot of people were having Transmission problems... I did to however I took it to the local Honda Dealer and he told me that I needed to replace my transmission but it was UNDER EXTENDED WARRANTY so it did not cost me ONE CENT... I suggest that everyone that has a Honda please check out the extended warranty, there was alot of problems with the transmissions and you shouldn't have to pay for the replacement... (btw my car had 36 200 miles when it was replaced... ) Good Luck.
We will NEVER buy another Honda! Car has transmission problems which result in failure. Honda has service bulletins out on this and there was a class action lawsuit. Honda NEVER notified us of that they had service bulletins and this year of car fell within the problem years. (2001-2003 for the trans failure. Transmission had been worked on by Honda before, and problems started again. They extended warranty to 109,000 miles but mine failed at 110,000. Honda's response? Too bad, it'll be $3000 to repair. The runaround and denial by American Honda Motor Co and their customer service dept has bee deplorable ; since they KNOW there's a problem and don't let people know.
Very good automobile for both touring and around town. No complaints. I love my Honda.
Unlike the other reviews I haven't been so lucky with my Honda. Bought it used and at 47K miles my transmission had to be replaced. Due to the extention of the extended warrenty as a result of a Class Action suit, Honda had to replace it at no cost. When I reached 120K miles the replacement transmission died. I would love to say that this car is reliable but 3 transmissions before 120K miles is unsat.