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2000 Honda Accord (13 Reviews)
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Bought new in 1999, and now has 130K miles. I have replaced the ignition coil ($60), radiator ($240), two inside door handles ($40 ea.) and 3 sets of tires. All scheduled maintenance has been done. It needs McPherson Struts right now, but am putting it off (they are $350 to $400 installed). Frankly it has been a GREAT car. I consider it VERY low maintenance. Plan to drive it another 50K miles.
My 2000 Honda Accord LX is a great car!! Very dependable!!
I have a 2000 honda accord v6 72000 miles good car I love it
2k Accord EX V6 with 105K. Overall a good car. Replaced the Delco alternator with a Bosch unit at 50K miles. SRS light comes on continuously - can be reset - some have fixed with a seat belt buckle change. AC expansion valve replaced. Various front / rear lights & interior lights have gone out including the clock. Odometer LCD intermittent / unreadable when cold. Engine idles rough & hesitates intermittently. Repainted car at 100K due to "acid rain" etching. 4-5 times the Auto trans has gone haywire (wont up / down shift for a few seconds under hard accel).
by the way--i forgot to mention about the--honda-nissan-toyota-subaru
thing,..they come in for..oil & filter change...rotate tires...
and a..umm..america has really dropped the ball with the auto industry..if Japan can build cars like that,.we sure as hell oughta be able to build them better-were America for God's sake--
anyhow--well i have to re-write quite a bit,.(my story disappeared)
#1-bought a new-2001 Accord EX-2.3L-..-5-speed (for wife) has over 156,389 miles--had the 7 year + 100,00 mile warranty,.onlt thing needed replaced was a right front wheel bearing (natural wear item & they stood behind it-Thank you Honda Finance)-whom helped me be able to purchase that car--#2-1999 Accord EX-3.0L- Auto tranz..196,456 miles-(bought for son)-minimal routine maintain...Love the car
#3-1998 Accord EX-3.0L-Auto tranz 198,440 miles (got for my daughter)--i also have owned-3 Acura integras (2 of which i still have) and 3 Honda Preludes--sold them--but Loved them all.. NEVER left me stranded--and Accord #1 made multiple trips to Florida for vacation--with 2 kids packed in back & all our luggage--& if it wasn't for that Accord saving me thousands of $$--i wouldn't have had any vacations---just like with any car--its all in how it was treated since it left the dealer ship--dont say Honda Accords Suck
and for the record im a Mopar nut 1964-1974--Mopar years..and one more thing im also a ASE Certified Mechanic--+ inspection license and Emission inspection i've had my hands in just about every car out there--Gimmie a Honda any day & im a happy camper---remember people--maintain your car & it'll treat you like
you treat it--thats all i have to say--sorry so long winded,.but the complaint crap just kills me---NOOBS & NOT KNOWING...
Bob Fedder
This car SUCKS im on my second transmission and my second flex plate and the flex plate just went out again timing belt is trying to go out this car has been nothing but promblems for me ever since i bought it for 500 the worse money that i have ever spent in my life never again will i drive a honda
transmission keeps failing..on third one
other than the o2 sensor, my car is up to 278 thousand folks. hd to change the water pump at 200 thousand, considering i travel between Texas and Ga on regular bases, its a given that i change out the brakes now and then. all check engine sigals are easy to diagnosis and fix in a heart beat. air condit is a problem at idlie at traffic congested areas. got great gas miliage as long as i follow all the maintance rules for the care of the Honda. I would buy another one if I could but I like a broke in car and I am familiar with its history. Love the HONDAS.....p.s . I am a woman that repairs her on issues with this car so what do i know but settle for a Honda anyday.
great car,i've only changed oil and brakes on this vehicle.looking underneath it its very clean.
The paint quality is subpar, the brakes are not large enough and warp fairly easy. The V6 transmissions are fragile and no amount of service keeps them happy (on my 4th) The interior illumination lights go out randomly and the bulbs are expensive! The driver seat has begin to wobble. The EGR port clogs up from time to time and catalytic converter needed to be replaced around 140k-that was costly. The A/C almost gives up in stop and go traffic on the hottest days
Most things are minor, the transmission is my only grief about the V6 Accord. 10 years old with 185k on it and it's still a strong performer. No major/unexpected repairs aside from routine maintenance.
My third Honda. Each has gotten over 200,000 miles with very little repair / heavy maintence. The newer the model the better the car. I haven't replaced my muffler as an example.
Awesome car!