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1999 Honda Accord (3 Reviews)
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I had bought my Accord EX-L with approx. 39K on it, second-hand in July 2002. I had kept it up with the periodic oil changes; replacing timing belt, rotors/spark-plug wires, starter (recently), brake pads/rotors, and tires as needed. It was given a K&N Filtercharger a few years ago and noticed quicker pick-ups. I also use XLP brand (concentrated) fuel systems cleaner for extra boost for the regular gas I use here in CA. It makes the fuel burn much more efficiently and ups the mpg. Other than the parking lot combat it has sustained and the chrome finish chipping off the interior door handle; the car is a decent performer on our highways, looks good, and has great visibilty. However, I cannot say that about the other drivers. I now have approx. 205K it and I plan to be driving it for another 50K to100K more miles if everything stays together. Thanks.
I purchased the 99 Accord w/ 80,000 and have owned the car for 6 years.It currently has 140K. The Brake lines are made of carbon steel and rusted through, I lost all the brake fluid while driving and narrowly avoided an horrific accident due to complete failure of the brakes. They were replaced with Stainless Steel. I am very surprised there is not a Honda recall on this. The A/C Compressor, Rear sway bar, Exhaust, Clutch, CV Joints, Hydralic Pump, Timing Belt, Water pump were all replaced at around 100K. I basically think Honda is a well made auto, however this particular car seems to be a lemon.
I also own a 2003 Dodge Grand Sport with 125K and I have invested practically nothing in repairs. The Accord is killing me with repair costs. I am just glad the resale value is above average !!
I love my Accord, I'm the second owner and have put over 100k miles on it without incident. I had one issue at about 60k total miles with the engine computer however it was under warranty and was replaced free of charge. Otherwise I have had no real problems with it despite being rear-ended on the freeway a few years ago the car looks and drives like new with over 140k miles (from SF to LA to Vegas to Tahoe) on it. Love it.