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1998 Honda Accord owners review and rate their 1998 Honda Accord.

1998 Honda Accord (9 Reviews)
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Crashed on the freeway, man-- this car saved my life. Nothing all too bad to the car, fixable. But, cost-let's not discuss onto that. Overall always great with me. I will ONLY love this Honda.
1998 Honda has been a great car! My third accord, the only real complaint is paint issue had peeling of clear coat. I did a repaint and is going strong. Plan on driving for quite awhile
I've driven about 100 cars and some I've driven for a while. Out of all of those cars none come close to how good this car is all around. I have maintained this car perfectly and it has never disappointed. The interior is still perfect and the engine runs great. great gas mileage and power. it is 98' Vtec 4 cylinder but it gets up and goes. this car is very easy to fix and not expensive compared to other vehicles. The only cars that i have driven that are better cost about 30,000 more than this one did. Great first car, very safe and yet a great family car and overall beauty.
When I bought this car it was 3 yrs old from the dealer. Its been a wonderful car. Fantastic milage (still 34mi per gallon on the highway). Very realiable. I give it due maintenance and it has paid me back very well. No problems. I love it. A few year ago my husband bought a 2007 Honda accord. Its also great. But I love the 1998 Honda. I love the way it sounds when I turn it on. Very clean, crisp sound. Better than the 2007 model we have. This is the 3 honda in our family. My son has a 1997 Accord .
Super. Bought new. All factory still except brake work,filters, whipers.
Knock on wood...for another 200k+
I've got this car since 1998... overall the body was seem to be cheap. after just 5 years, visible rusting in side panels occurred. power windows is so slow when it moves, interiors doesn't seem great. feels very spartan and plastic. engine knocks, valve cover leaks, distributor failure, ECU failure, alternator twice, and etc. what a headache.
This is a 6cyl Honda Accord ES. We have had no warranty work done on it and have the oil and filter changed by the Honda dealer. We had another 1998 Honda Accord 4 cyl on which there was only 46,000 miles when I purchased a Honda S2000, 1997 model. All vehicles are serviced by the Stockton Honda dealer. The 6cyl one will soon be due for a timing belt replacement. It has a little over 90,000 miles on it. As things stand now we would not purchase any other make than a Honda. We always purchase the top of the line model for the engine type that we get and only buy new vehicles.
Great car, suspension is kinda soft! Very reliable
Very reliable, I would buy another one next time.