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1994 Honda Accord (4 Reviews)
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I got a 1994 Honda Accord 2nd hand from a relative. I've been driving it five months. It is the manual model. The good thing about this car is that most of the repairs so far have been minor.
All in all, it has been a terrific car, except for three serious issues/ quirks:

There is something wrong with the ignition system. This means that sometimes I have to hot wire the car in order for it to start. One mechanic evaluated it to be an "electrical problem". I have no idea what could be the problem with it.

The second thing is that sometimes when it rains heavy, the inside of the cabin will leak. It's always from just underneath the visor right where the roof of the car and the windshield meet. I dread rainy days because I always arrive with a puddle in my lap.

The last problem is recent and I'm certain it will be costly. This is my first manual transmission. While learning to drive this car, I have stalled, ground gears and driven while hot. (With a day or two of assistance from a friend and some Youtube videos, I had to teach myself had to drive this car). Until about last week it had never given me a problem, but now acclerating has been groggy and just... rubbish. It wants to stay at 55 and resists going any faster.

All in all, for 300 bucks, it's been fantastic I have driven quite far in it and I intend to drive much farther. Stay up on your maitenence and it'll run.
Good car, too bad there are not more like these.
I love my accord and everything, but it seems like I am needing to fix a lot of things on it. I have to fix rust, the exhaust, the speedometer & the AC/Heat.

Other than that, its a great car
Have loved this car, but have had multiple problems with heating and A/C which seem continually to be in need of repair.