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1992 Honda Accord (4 Reviews)
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Comfy and Dependable! Bought it in '94 from my in-laws. Original paint didn't last very long, repainted it twice at local paint shop for less than $500 (those jobs last ~8 years). Over the years had most common problems: AT computer died $200, camshaft seal oil leak $450, A/C condenser cracked $400, radiator cracked $250, ignition switch quit $100, "igniter" $75, CV joints $250, plus a few other nit-noids. Original exhaust. Put synthetic oil in it for the first time and it started leaking oil which it never did before (right on the exhaust pipe!) Have 220,000 miles, daily driver, left me stranded twice in 18 years. Average about $250/year repairs and maintenance (mostly done myself). Need to switch back to dino oil.
I received my 1992 Honda Accord LX from my best friend like my brother sister.I received it for free,it has glue to repair the left mirror no dents and 187,000 miles on it.I put a new battery in it and got a full tune up on it in January 2012.It's May and the only problem i had with it was the alternator, and the catalytic converter just came off today.I love this car and I'm a keep going with it.It just passed the state inspection with flying colors.
I love my 1992 Honda. I'll never get rid of it until it dies on me.
I own a 1992 Accord LX (with 288000 miles on it)and a 2000 Accord EX V6. My 1992 is the most dependable and fun car in my driveway. I have owned this car over 5 years and have not had one mechanical issue to report out of routine maintainance. I only hope the 2000 has the longevity of this one.