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1990 Honda Accord (7 Reviews)
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Just purchased a 1990 Accord LX coupe with 58k miles. I've had Hondas in the past and find the 1990-93 the best model ever built. Have a small water leak coming from the driver's side automatic seat belt track area. Anyone looking for a GREAT used car, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND a 1990-93 Accord.
Bought new and now has 330,000 miles just put 80,000 mile tires on it. Super car rides smooth and great on gas. Plan to keep till the wheels fall off.
Awesome car! Smooth ride and excellent acceleration. Mine has 300,000 miles and still runs like a champ. Easy to fix and easy on the wallet. Parts are cheap and generally in stock. I dislike the power seat belts, their motor burnt out a while ago and the interior does not hold up to wear and tear well. But they are very dependable cars! I have seen alot of complaints about break vibration....turn your rotors or get new, it helps! Also I have seen complaints on the paint/lemons/major issues on used hondas......get the car fax reports on ANY used car! Most used cars have not been kept up on maintenance...this will GREATLY increase your issues and as well with cars being repainted after an accident.
very long lasting car has 260,000 runs great i dont ever regret buying this car
dependable car
This car has 185K miles and has changed little since I inherited it with 24K miles. The engine will sometimes completely stop while driving, but just shift into neutral, coast to the side and it will restart immediately. In all these miles, only replaced one CV drive line, the ingition switch and the alternator. Fresh air vent adds a little heat even when knob is in fill cold position so this cuts down on AC effectiveness. Only problem with car is seat is very close to ground, entry and exit is awkward especially for 60+ YO large guy but that is not the car's fault.
long term inexpensive transportation